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AMITT Incidents:

id name type Year Started From country To country Found via
I00001 Blacktivists facebook group incident 2016.0 Russia USA nan
I00002 #VaccinateUS campaign 2014.0 Russia World nan
I00003 Beyonce protest rallies incident 2016.0 Russia USA nan
I00004 #Macrongate incident 2017.0 Russia France nan
I00005 Brexit vote campaign 2016.0 Russia UK nan
I00006 Columbian Chemicals incident 2014.0 Russia USA nan
I00007 Incirlik terrorists incident 2016.0 Russia USA nan
I00008 Bujic incident 2017.0 Russia Serbia nan
I00009 PhilippinesExpert incident 2017.0 Russia Philippines nan
I00010 ParklandTeens incident 2018.0 ?? USA nan
I00011 CovingtonTeen incident 2019.0 ?? USA nan
I00012 ChinaSmog incident 2011.0 China China nan
I00013 FranceBlacktivists incident 2014.0 Russia France nan
I00014 GiletsJaunePileon incident 2018.0 Russia France nan
I00015 ConcordDiscovery incident 2019.0 Russia USA nan
I00016 LithuanianElves campaign 2014.0 Russia Lithuania nan
I00017 US presidential elections campaign 2016.0 Russia USA OII
I00018 DNC email leak incident tactic 2016.0 Russia USA OII
I00019 MacronTiphaine incident 2017.0 unknown France OII
I00020 3000 tanks incident 2017.0 Russia World OII
I00021 Armenia elections campaign 2017.0 Russia Armenia OII
I00022 #Macronleaks incident 2017.0 Russia France OII
I00023 #dislikemacron incident 2017.0 Russia France OII
I00024 #syriahoax incident 2017.0 Syria USA OII
I00025 EU Army incident 2018.0 Russia EU OII
I00026 Netherlands referendum on Ukraine incident 2016.0 Russia Netherlands OII
I00027 crucifiedboy incident 2014.0 Russia Ukraine OII
I00028 mh17 downed incident 2014.0 Russia Ukraine OII
I00029 MH17 investigation campaign 2016.0 Russia Ukraine OII
I00030 LastJedi incident 2018.0 Russia World OII
I00031 antivax apt 2018.0 Russia World OII
I00032 Kavanaugh incident 2018.0 Russia USA OII
I00033 China 50cent Army apt 2014.0 China China OII
I00034 DibaFacebookExpedition incident 2016.0 China Taiwan OII
I00035 Brazilelections campaign 2014.0 Brazil Brazil OII
I00036 BrazilPresDebate incident 2014.0 Brazil Brazil OII
I00037 Rioelections incident 2016.0 Brazil Brazil OII
I00038 Brazilimpeachment incident 2016.0 Brazil Brazil OII
I00039 MerkelFacebook incident 2017.0 unknown Germany OII
I00040 modamaniSelfie incident 2015.0 unknown Germany OII
I00041 Refugee crime map incident 2017.0 unknown Germany OII
I00042 Saudi/Qatar bot dispute incident 2017.0 SaudiArabia Qatar MIS
I00043 FCC comments incident 2017.0 unknown USA MIS
I00044 JadeHelm exercise incident 2015.0 nan USA MIS
I00045 Skripal incident 2018.0 Russia UK nan
I00046 North Macedonia incident 2018.0 Russia Macedonia nan
I00047 Sea of Azov incident 2018.0 Russia World nan
I00048 White Helmets campaign 2015.0 Russia World nan
I00049 White Helmets: Chemical Weapons incident 2017.0 Russia World nan
I00050 #HandsOffVenezuela incident 2019.0 Russia World nan
I00051 Integrity Initiative incident 2018.0 Russia World nan
I00052 China overiew campaign 2015.0 China World nan
I00053 China Huawei CFO Arrest incident 2018.0 China World nan
I00054 China Muslims incident 2018.0 China World nan
I00055 50 Cent Army campaign 2008.0 China World nan
I00056 Iran Influence Operations campaign 2012.0 Iran World nan
I00057 Mexico Election incident 2018.0 Russia/domestic Mexico nan
I00058 Chemnitz incident 2018.0 Russia Germany nan
I00059 Myanmar - Rohingya campaign 2014.0 Myanmar Myanmar nan
I00060 White Genocide campaign 2018.0 Russia World nan
I00061 Military veterans Targetting campaign 2017.0 Russia US nan
I00062 Brexit/UK ongoing campaign 2015.0 Russia/domestic UK nan
I00063 Olympic Doping Scandal campaign 2016.0 Russia World nan
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