HTML calendar with pictures generator written in bash
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Shell Calendar

This is simple shell script that will generate HTML calendar with pictures and optional list of notes.

Files you would need first:

  • pictures - named 01.jpg - 12.jpg, one for every month

  • picture descriptions [optional] - named 01.txt - 12.txt, one for every month

  • optional lists of event

Creating events list

Every event list is in separate file with list extension. It contains optional style customization and list of events. Events could be reoccurring every year or just specific to one year. Here is example list of events:

style=color: red;
01-01 New Year
12-25 Christmass
2016-03-28 Easter Monday
2017-04-17 Easter Monday


Just put all images in the directory with the script. Optionally put in their description and your custom events lists. Then you can simply run the script and the script would output html page with calendar for next year. You can customize the start by exporting START variable. Something like this:

START="2016-04-01" ./ > cal.html


To generate calendar, script uses date command to get names for the months and days of the week. So prior running make sure you have correct locale set (utf-8 one).