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Quick intro to running the things ___

Basically it all runs in the browser, so you only need to have an ftp server that can serve up files, no browser-based scripting support is needed. You can also test things straight from your browser, without an ftp server. Just open a browser and ask the browser to lok at the index.html file.

Live example ___

You'll find a live example, done for a test with Borås ( Sweden ) students . http://sourisr.kapsi.fi/boras/

Modifying texts ___

If you want to modify things, eg adapt things to German, then you'll find some texts in the following files :

  • index.html
  • js/demo_app.js -- in this file I've added the #TEXT hashtag to help you find where there are bits of text that appear on screen
  • js/app_screen_data.js -- this is where the questions and answers are located. It's a JSON array with question+answer data. The places which might well be relevant to you in each json entry, are : - question : that's the main text, that describes the question/issue the parties voted on. - images : ( well, it's only one image, but there was space for several earlier ) this is the background image url. Do remember to have the image url in single quotes. - which_parties_voted_YES_for_this__as_list and which_parties_voted_NO_for_this__as_list : these are the texts for when one swipes right/left, or presses the X or <3 buttons at the bottom of the screen. - Don't worry about the images related to voting YES/NO, these are leftovers from things that were supposed to be implemented but didn't.

( The other files in the js library, the different jquery files, are libraries for screen interaction, that someone else has written, that I've not modified ).


Concept : Magnus Eriksson at RISE Interactive // CSS styling : Martin Törnros at RISE Interactive // Code and some design : Miska Knapek at RISE Interactive.

Fin ___