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Execute JavaScript in TextMate

This is a TextMate bundle for the excellent Lyndon.

  1. Get MacRuby,

  2. Get Lyndon. Do so with rip:

     rip install git://

    Or rubygems:

     [sudo] macgem install lyndon
  3. Install Lyndon.tmbundle:

     git clone git:// \
       "~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles"
  4. Maximum awesome.

Bundle commands

Shortcuts are the same as equivalents in Ruby documents:

  • ⌘R -- run JavaScript document
  • ⌃⇧E -- run line / selection as JavaScript

(Make sure you have your textmate document set to "JavaScript".)

Try it on

Here's a sample document:

function camelize(string){
  return string.replace(/-(.)/g, function(_, c){ return c.toUpperCase() })


Hitting ⌘R should produce:


You're done.