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=== Addressable 2.1.0
* refactored URI template support out into its own class
* removed extract method due to being useless and unreliable
* removed Addressable::URI.expand_template
* removed Addressable::URI#extract_mapping
* added partial template expansion
* fixed minor bugs in the parse and heuristic_parse methods
* fixed incompatibility with Ruby 1.9.1
* fixed bottleneck in Addressable::URI#hash and Addressable::URI#to_s
* fixed unicode normalization exception
* updated query_values methods to better handle subscript notation
* worked around issue with freezing URIs
* improved specs
=== Addressable 2.0.2
* fixed issue with URI template expansion
* fixed issue with percent escaping characters 0-15
=== Addressable 2.0.1
* fixed issue with query string assignment
* fixed issue with improperly encoded components
=== Addressable 2.0.0
* the initialize method now takes an options hash as its only parameter
* added query_values method to URI class
* completely replaced IDNA implementation with pure Ruby
* renamed Addressable::ADDRESSABLE_VERSION to Addressable::VERSION
* completely reworked the Rakefile
* changed the behavior of the port method significantly
* Addressable::URI.encode_segment, Addressable::URI.unencode_segment renamed
* documentation is now in YARD format
* more rigorous type checking
* to_str method implemented, implicit conversion to Strings now allowed
* Addressable::URI#omit method added, Addressable::URI#merge method replaced
* updated URI Template code to match v 03 of the draft spec
* added a bunch of new specifications
=== Addressable 1.0.4
* switched to using RSpec's pending system for specs that rely on IDN
* fixed issue with creating URIs with paths that are not prefixed with '/'
=== Addressable 1.0.3
* implemented a hash method
=== Addressable 1.0.2
* fixed minor bug with the extract_mapping method
=== Addressable 1.0.1
* fixed minor bug with the extract_mapping method
=== Addressable 1.0.0
* heuristic parse method added
* parsing is slightly more strict
* replaced to_h with to_hash
* fixed routing methods
* improved specifications
* improved heckle rake task
* no surviving heckle mutations
=== Addressable 0.1.2
* improved normalization
* fixed bug in joining algorithm
* updated specifications
=== Addressable 0.1.1
* updated documentation
* added URI Template variable extraction
=== Addressable 0.1.0
* initial release
* implementation based on RFC 3986, 3987
* support for IRIs via libidn
* support for the URI Template draft spec
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