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title: About Mislav
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Hi, you've reached Mislav Marohnić.
Please leave your message after the tone.
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<h1>About me</h1>
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<img src="/images/mislav.jpg" alt="Photo of Mislav" class="photo">
My name is <span class="fn" lang="hr">Mislav Marohnić</span>.
I type on the keyboards and sometimes it makes stuff happen to computers.
Then I put it online. 👌
I write <a href="/blog/">resources for software developers</a>
and do open source for fun and profit.
You can grab a hold of me via:
<span class="emoji">📧</span>
<a class="email" href=""></a>
<span class="emoji">🐤</span>
<a rel="me" href="">@mislav</a>
<span class="emoji">📷</span>
<a rel="me" href="" title="Mislav's Instagram photo stream">Instagram</a>,
<a rel="me" href="" title="Mislav's photos on Flickr">Flickr</a>
I maintain
<a href="">rbenv</a>,
<a href="">ruby-build</a>,
<a href="">hub</a>,
<a href="">gemoji</a>,
<a href="">Faraday</a>,
<a href="">pjax</a>, and
<a href="">will_paginate</a>.
I help maintain
<a href="">Zepto.js</a>,
<a href="">VCR</a>.
Find me at <a href="">@mislav on GitHub</a>.
<h2>Latest blog post</h2>
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