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vim revisited: plugins addendum

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I've had an *off/on relationship* with Vim for the past many years.
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For more information, see <kbd>:help windows</kbd>.
+<h2 id=plugins>Addendum: Essential plugins</h2>
+During 6 months of using Vim after publishing this article, I now feel confident
+enough to share _which plugins I find essential_ for daily work. This is
+subjective, but you should know that I've tried using core Vim features long
+enough to actually experience the pain while coding without these.
+<dd><p>I still use <a href=""
+title="Command-T plugin for Vim">Command-T</a> every minute of the day. Read
+more about it in the previous section.</p></dd>
+<dd><p><a href="" title="Ack.vim
+plugin"><kbd>:Ack</kbd></a> performs an <strong>ultra-fast project-wide
+search</strong> using <a href="" title="better than
+grep"><code>ack</code></a> command-line tool. Can’t refactor without it; e.g. I
+don’t dare to rename a HTML classname without checking first whether it’s used
+in CSS or JS.</p></dd>
+<dd><p><a href=""
+title="Commentary.vim plugin">Commentary</a> adds key bindings for
+<strong>commenting &amp; uncommenting code</strong>. At first I’ve used a
+combination of <kbd>&lt;C-v&gt;</kbd> (blockwise visual mode) and <kbd>I</kbd>
+(uppercase ‘i’) to insert a <code>#</code> character at the start of multiple
+lines. However, doing that a lot is cumbersome, and uncommenting is not so
+<p>With Commentary, select some lines. Press <kbd>\\</kbd>. You’re
+<dd><p>If the style guidelines for your project require <strong>aligning
+assignments or other syntax vertically</strong>, use <a
+Don’t ever <em>ever</em> keep aligning stuff vertically without a plugin–I’ve
+been there, and I feel bad about it. Simply select some lines, and
+<kbd>:Tabularize assignment</kbd>.</p></dd>
+<dd><p>At some point I realized that a <strong>significant part of editing code
+involves manipulating pairs</strong> of matching quotes, parentheses, brackets,
+and tags. For that I started using the <a
+href="">Surround</a> plugin, and
+I’m loving it. For instance, <kbd>ysiW]</kbd> (“you surround inner WORD,
+bracket”) surrounds the current “WORD” with square brackets.</p>
+<p>But the non-obvious, <em>killer feature</em> of Surround is the ability to
+generate or wrap existing content in HTML tags: e.g. <kbd>ysip&lt;C-t&gt;</kbd>
+(“you surround inner paragraph, Ctrl-tag”) prompts you for a tag name and nests
+the current paragraph in it. Need HTML attributes? No problem, just type them
+after the tag name. <a href="">Read
+more tips for Surround</a>.</p></dd>
## Further resources for learning
* <kbd>:help</kbd> – may look daunting and unfriendly at first, but is actually

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