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+title: "Rails Girls: Ruby on Rails workshops for women"
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+ Rails Girls is a Finland-born organization that organizes Ruby on Rails
+ workshops all around Europe and elsewhere.
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+Prior to [Railsberry][] in Kraków, I participated in a Rails Girls workshop by
+helping coach 40+ girls that attended the [event in Applicake's offices][pics].
+<img width=500px alt="Me at Rails Girls" src="">
+It's been a fun and rewarding experience for me, and I look forward to where
+empowering more women with knowledge & skill takes us.
+Next workshops take place in different cities in Europe, one in Buenos Aires,
+and there's rumors of Rails Girls in San Francisco. There's even a guide [how to
+organize a workshop in your city][guide].
+ [railsberry]: "A sweet European Rails conference in Kraków, Poland"
+ [pics]:
+ "Photos from Rails Girls workshop in Kraków"
+ [guide]:

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