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+title: "Anti-capitalism 101"
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+ Many people see capitalism as inevitable,
+ or even as the way things always were.
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+Steve Klabnik in an essay he adapted from prior work:
+> Servicing men and children at home serves capital: by making housework and
+> reproduction a women’s ‘natural and feminine’ process rather than work,
+> capitalism benefits in the form of free labour. When capital pays husbands
+> they get two workers, not one. Denying domestic labour a wage makes this work
+> invisible, and divides the working class into waged and unwaged at the expense
+> of both.
+Money is used to generate more money. Not even people at "the top" (i.e. the
+bosses) are in control of this; money controls _them_ by swapping them out as
+soon as they fail to deliver adequate capital accumulation relative to the
+competition. It's a self-perpetuating mechanism, powered solely by the
+participation of the working class.

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