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+## `case` statement
+A `case` statement is used for when you want to act on a returned value that could be one of many different values. The value passed to the `case` statement is the value which is being checked. The `when` statements inside the case use a triple-equal (`===`) call to determine if the two objects are equal, using the value from the `when` as the left-hand side of the operation and the value from the `case` as the right-hand side.
+This triple-equal sign is how you may check to see if the specified object is of a specific type:
+ >> String === "a"
+ => true
12 fixtures/case.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+foo = "a"
+case foo
+ when "a"
+ puts "foo is a"
+ when "b"
+ puts "foo is b"
+case foo
+ when String
+ puts "foo is string"

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