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remote: bash: no job control in this shell #30

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getting this error on deploy.


Thanks for the prompt response.


I just want to make sure this didn't break behavior. when i run the push I get.
remote: HEAD is now at 202bf10 updated uptime-ns. No logging showing if it ran assets:precompile or anything like that? Is this in the background?


Yes, this happens asynchronously so you don't have to wait. In the future I'll make the change where you see it in the console during push, because most people expect it to be this way (like on Heroku).

The full log about what happened is in "log/deploy.log" on the server in your application. If you want to see it from the client, use the git deploy log command.

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@mislav don't run bash in interactive mode
First of all, we're lying - the shell isn't interactive. Second, it
causes the issue described in #30.

We'll have to find another way to support rbenv and RVM installations.

references #19, references #14

Fixed in 69fb872

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