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Convert between different data formats: JSON, XML, YAML, Ruby, email, URL-encoded
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gorgeous.gemspec gorgeous 0.2.0

Filthy → gorgeous

Convert between formats.


gorgeous [-i] [-F <in-format>] [-T <out-format>] [-q <query>] [-o <destination>] FILE ...

This utility converts data between different formats.
Formats are one of: json, xml, yaml, ruby, email, url

Input can be read from STDIN as well as files given on the command-line.


-i    Convert file in-place
-F    Input format
-T    Output format
-q    Query selector in format similar to XPath (see below)
-o    Write output to file instead of STDOUT

Query format:

"/items/comments[1]/text"    --  2nd comment body of each item
"/items[-1]/user/full_name"  --  name of user for last item
"//user/username"            --  usernames of all users anywhere in the document


It's recommended that you install all of these ruby libraries. They are only loaded when processing specific formats.

  • nokogiri for HTML/XML
  • yajl-ruby or json for JSON (for Ruby < 1.9)
  • activesupport (for various stuff)
  • rack for url
  • mail for email

All together now:

$ gem install nokogiri yajl-ruby activesupport rack mail


Pipe in standard input:

# auto-detects input as being JSON, displays prettified output:
$ curl -s | gorgeous

# covert from JSON to YAML
$ curl -s <url> | gorgeous -T yaml

# extract Twitter avatar from tweet as text
$ curl -s <url> | gorgeous -T txt -q /user/profile_image_url

Prettify a file in place:

# auto-detects format by extension, prettifies and overwrites the file:
$ gorgeous -i some-data.json

# convert some data to YAML
$ gorgeous -i -F json -T yaml some-data

Prettify some HTML (gorgeous calls it "xml"):

$ curl -s | gorgeous -F xml

Prettify content in clipboard (on a Mac):

$ pbpaste | gorgeous | pbcopy

# convert from YAML to ruby format and copy to clipboard
$ gorgeous fixture.yml -T ruby | pbcopy

Parse query strings and URL-encoded POST payloads:

$ echo 'sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=filthy+gorgeous' | gorgeous -T yaml
sourceid: chrome
q: filthy gorgeous
ie: UTF-8

Parse emails:

# extract prettified HTML part of the email:
$ cat email.raw | gorgeous -F email -T xml

# extract decoded text part of the email:
$ cat email.raw | gorgeous -F email -T txt

# get email headers as JSON:
$ cat email.raw | gorgeous -F email -T json

# get only the email subject:
$ cat email.raw | gorgeous -F email -T txt -q /subject
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