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# encoding: utf-8
require File.expand_path('../lib/hanna/version', __FILE__) do |gem| = 'hanna'
gem.version = Hanna::VERSION ='%Y-%m-%d')
gem.add_dependency 'rdoc', Hanna::RDOC_VERSION_REQUIREMENT
gem.add_dependency 'haml', '~> 3.0.10'
gem.summary = "An RDoc template that scales"
gem.description = "Hanna is an RDoc implemented in Haml, making its source clean and maintainable. It's built with simplicity, beauty and ease of browsing in mind."
gem.authors = ['Mislav Marohnić'] = ''
gem.homepage = ''
gem.rubyforge_project = nil
gem.has_rdoc = true
gem.files = Dir['Rakefile', '{bin,lib,man,test,spec}/**/*', 'README*', 'LICENSE*']
gem.files &= `git ls-files -z`.split("\0") if `type -t git 2>/dev/null || which git 2>/dev/null` && $?.success?
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