possible to make better screen real estate use? #16

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Currently every page is arranged into 3 columns.
class/methods | text | methods_within_current_class_list

This causes the text column to feel a big cramped at times.

The thought is perhaps to combine the text and methods_within_current_class_list

such that the text "wraps around" or "flows around" the methods_within_current_class_list. I.e. below that list is a bunch of white space that would be used.

Example of how it is currently (just the right two columns): http://gitrdoc.com/rdoc/dchelimsky/rspec/2f3d99d0ea3558ab0aa354973b7f9cf5c3692b8f/classes/Object.html


I tried that, but it looks awkward when text wraps around the right-hand. I'd rather keep the grid.

The new template ("rdoc24" branch) doesn't have the frameset anymore. So there are only 2 columns at most.

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