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raggi commented Sep 29, 2010

This pull request includes a ton of work by Erik Hollensbe to cleanup the code base and implement it for RDoc 2.5. It also includes a bunch of work, including documentation, to use various best practices for the manner of gem integration. It's used by the rdbi projects among others, and should be release ready.

Erik Hollensbe and others added some commits Jul 8, 2010

Erik Hollensbe * Fail partially removed. 8c85a39
Erik Hollensbe * Tab fail 1388bfa
Erik Hollensbe * A couple of cleanups in hanna.rb 1dd2171
Erik Hollensbe * Cleaned up index generation a bit. ee77a77
Erik Hollensbe * Moar bettah. 0c5b4b5
Erik Hollensbe * Doing descriptions right. 1a7b5e8
Erik Hollensbe * Doing parents and filenames right now. f94497a
Erik Hollensbe * Starting in on the classes.. 9eb7036
Erik Hollensbe * Fixed the parent information. 258c1f9
Erik Hollensbe * Method list is showing up. 5950155
Erik Hollensbe * Pretty close now, I think... 4cad931
Erik Hollensbe * Some cleanup and fixes. Thanks dominikh! 1cf8eb4
Erik Hollensbe * More alias fixes. bd3ad60
Erik Hollensbe * Fixed a bug w/ main page linkage if not specified. Not sure this is…
… the best solution.
Erik Hollensbe * Old files removed.. These are no longer used. 1e2bd17
@raggi raggi Fix hanna rubygems integration, you can install this version of hanna…
…, then just do `gem rdoc --all` to get all hanna'd rdocs!
Erik Hollensbe * Updated credits, which I think are deserved at this point. c55aa69
Erik Hollensbe * Fixed call-seq output. c42e62d
Erik Hollensbe * faking aref for attrs. 1ddffeb
Erik Hollensbe * attribute names now show up in the method index (+ search)
* A little cleanup
Erik Hollensbe * Removed silly hanna.rb stuff -- next commit should restore it. 0da044c
Erik Hollensbe * Big fs layout refactor. Now with less fail! 54dc80f
@raggi raggi Move template files into hanna subdirectory to avoid taking up file n…
@raggi raggi Take a round at updating docs for new features and uses 87b8da9
@raggi raggi Deprecate RubyGems plugin to allow this to be optional, and fixup docs 8f0b49f
@raggi raggi Use RubyGems to setup the dependency tree, we don't need to call Kern…
@raggi raggi Add support for eating our own dogfood. 0447008
@raggi raggi Convert README to RDocMarkup 8f778ca
@raggi raggi Support :nodoc: directives on classes. a3d1078
@raggi raggi Add description and corrections to rake docs 7bb700d
@raggi raggi 'cause rake activates rdoc :'( (N.B. Submit bug to rake plz) a22579d
@raggi raggi Correct Rakefile for subshells and when gem is not installed ffbde5f

erikh commented Sep 29, 2010

Note that you can see an example at http://hollensbe.org/rdoc/

+1 for merging this. The gem certainly requires an update and these updates are exactly what it needs.


mislav commented Sep 29, 2010


I'll need some time to digest this. Also, which version of RDoc is this against? Pull requests first says 2.5, then 2.3.5

erikh commented Sep 29, 2010

it's against 2.5.9 or so, but should still work with .11. The above link is definitely rdoc 2.5. It might just be mislabeled somewhere, apologies if so.

raggi commented Sep 30, 2010

my apologies, i had other things in my brain as a wrote it, busy times.

raggi commented Sep 27, 2011

@mislav - sorry to be pushy, but it's time to let go. https://github.com/rdoc/hanna-nouveau


mislav commented Sep 27, 2011

I'll check it out. Does it work with latest RDoc?

You want me to merge all this into this repo and continue releasing as "Hanna"? Or are you telling me that you're gonna maintain it under the new name now?

I think this should be maintained as 'Hanna' by anyone willing to continue maintenance added as contrib

raggi commented Feb 26, 2012

@mislav ping. time to let go?

erikh commented Feb 26, 2012

@raggi for what it's worth, I need to get hanna-nouveau up to speed with rdoc 3.x -- I need some help here as my time (as I imagine yours, so don't consider this a solicitation) is fleeting. If anyone sees this and would like to help, I'm happy to assist on an advisory basis.


mislav commented Feb 26, 2012

I would be interested in merging any branch that brings Hanna up to date with current RDoc. Sorry I haven't been active for a long time, nor took action on this pull request, but I didn't use RDoc that much in the meantime.

raggi commented Sep 8, 2013

closing branch. over 2 years old.

raggi closed this Sep 8, 2013

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