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More than just a new RDoc template
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Hanna -- a better RDoc template

Hanna is an RDoc template that scales. It's implemented in Haml, making the sources clean and readable. It's built with simplicity, beauty and ease of browsing in mind. (See more in the wiki.)

Hanna was made by Mislav and is available from GitHub:

gem install mislav-hanna


After installing, you have three options. You can use the command-line tool:

hanna -h

For repeated generation of API docs, it's better to set up a Rake task. If you already have an RDocTask set up, the only thing you need to change is this:

# replace this:
require 'rake/rdoctask'
# with this:
require 'hanna/rdoctask'

Tip: you can do this in the Rakefile of your Rails project before running rake doc:rails.

Here is an example of a task for the will_paginate library:

# instead of 'rake/rdoctask':
require 'hanna/rdoctask'

desc 'Generate RDoc documentation for the will_paginate plugin.' do |rdoc|
  rdoc.rdoc_files.include('README.rdoc', 'LICENSE', 'CHANGELOG').

  rdoc.main = "README.rdoc" # page to start on
  rdoc.title = "will_paginate documentation"

  rdoc.rdoc_dir = 'doc' # rdoc output folder
  rdoc.options << '--webcvs='

Either way, it's the same as using RDoc.

The last thing you can do with Hanna is generate documentation for installed gems. This is a replacement for the "gem rdoc" command.

[sudo] hanna --gems haml will_paginate

A work in progress

Hanna is far from done, but it is the first RDoc template that's actually maintainable. First thing I have done is converted the original HTML template to Haml and Sass, cleaning up and removing the (ridiculous amount of) duplication.

Also, the template fragments are now in separate files. You would have fainted if you seen how it was before. (It's really no wonder why there are no other RDoc templates around ... save one: Allison.)

Ultimately, I'd like to lose the frameset. Currently that is far from possible because the whole RDoc HTML Generator is built for frames. Still, that is my goal.

You can help

Don't like something? Think you can design better? (You probably can.)

This is git. I welcome all submissions towards my goal.

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