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Hanna — a better RDoc template

Hanna is an RDoc template that scales. See it on a screenshot or in action at Gitrdoc.com. It’s implemented in Haml, making the sources clean and readable. It’s built with simplicity, beauty and ease of browsing in mind.

Hanna gem is available from Gemcutter:

gem install hanna

After installing, see the usage examples in the README.

I want to add “hanna” gem to my Gemfile

Why would you want to do that? Install it on the system instead.

Feature requests

Hanna is currently under heavy development. Please post feature requests to the issue tracker.

Hanna is currently only compatible with RDoc 2.3.0

Support for RDoc 2.4 is in the works; see the “rdoc24” branch.

You can, however, keep RDoc 2.4.x (or later versions) installed on your system; there’s really no need to uninstall it. Hanna will load the RDoc 2.3.0 gem when you use the `hanna` command or “hanna/rdoctask” in your Rakefile.

Why the name “Hanna”?

Evan Weaver named his template Allison. So, a girl’s name it is.