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%h1= @title
&larr; <a href="/">Home</a>
%h2 What's this site?
%p This site is the unofficial <a href="">Instagram</a> front-end on the Web made by querying the <strong>public resources</strong> of the <a href="">Instagram API</a>.
%p The code for this site is open source and <a href="">available on GitHub</a>.
%h2 How do I discover my own Instagram photos?
%p To see your photo stream, you need to log in:
%a#login{ href: '/login' } Log in with Instagram
%p Alternatively, you can enter a Twitter username of a person who <strong>recently tweeted</strong> a link to their Instagram photo:
%form{ action: '/users/discover', method: 'post', class: 'detect' }
Twitter username:
%input{ type: 'text', name: 'twitter' }
%input{ type: 'submit', value: 'Search' }
%p Another option is to paste <strong>a permalink</strong> to one of your Instagram photos:
%form{ action: '/users/discover', method: 'post', class: 'detect' }
%label permalink:
%input{ type: 'url', name: 'url', placeholder: '' }
%input{ type: 'submit', value: 'Lookup' }