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Timeline resources

All timeline types share the same response format:

  "items": [
  "num_results": 32,
  "status": "ok"

Personal timeline


Items returned: 30.

Popular timeline (unauthenticated)


Items returned: 32.

User's timeline (unauthenticated)


Items returned: 20.


  • max_id: fetch records until ID given

The "max_id" param is used for pagination. To get the next page, use the last item's "pk" as a value for "max_id". This parameter has no effect in the "popular" timeline.

User's timeline in JSONP for cross-site requests (unauthenticated)

If you need to fetch a user's timeline in your client-side JavaScript, your only option is JSONP since Ajax is limited with the same-origin request policy.

Instagram API doesn't support JSONP, but you can use which acts as a JSON proxy site:


Example response if the callback was named "myInstagram":


This is designed so can use the above resource in combination with the dynamic SCRIPT tag.

Location-based timeline (unauthenticated)


Gets all medias taken at the location specified by ID. The location ID is the value of the "" key in a media.

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