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Commits on Nov 20, 2008
@foca foca Build in background
Do all the building in a new thread, and return control to Sinatra
right away. While a project is building, the project page shows a
'Building...' message with a spinning throbber.
Commits on Nov 26, 2008
@wilson wilson Ignore some more file patterns b612cdf
@wilson wilson Trivial obsessive whitespace fixes a9e90a5
@wilson wilson Edit Thor descriptions so that they display the command name in help …
@wilson wilson Simplify $LOAD_PATH and require logic in integrity.rb 5ceefb0
@foca foca Making haml an explicit dependency
Er, right, sinatra doesn't require it it seems...
@foca foca Regenerated gemspec for version 0.1.2 666d3e7
@foca foca Add a nice 500 page (hm, I was sure we had this already...) 82ff236
@foca foca Regenerated gemspec for version 0.1.2 8209c6e
@sr sr protection against eventual notifiers timeout error 9dc27d4
@sr sr Revert "protection against eventual notifiers timeout error"
This reverts commit c969e8c.
@sr sr protection against timeout of notifiers 776258d
@foca foca Hm, don't use Model#count, use Model#size
Change in DM's API? How didn't this bite us before?
@foca foca Change the way Project#previous_builds is calculated
Probably a performance gain, but it doesn't matter -- it should save us
from count/size weirdness =)
@foca foca So what if we're anal about how the code should look like? e7903a6
@sr sr log time out of notifiers 0f41099
@sr sr update the installer to set the path to integrity log file 0939173
@sr sr poetry mode 1abf986
@sr sr log scm operations f60e1ed
@sr sr stub out git#log 69eada3
@sr sr Version bump to 0.1.3 2d6b3cb
@sr sr Regenerated gemspec for version 0.1.3 7202bc5
@foca foca Add a convenience method Integrity.log to avoid doing Integrity.logge…
… all the time
@sr sr log notifications we send df65afb
@foca foca Add a nice formatter for integrity logs 055b83a
@foca foca This is what happens when you act unexpectedly 2004e1b
@foca foca Break everything! APIs are changing, this is NOT usable
Right now Project#build only creates a "pending" Build, which should be picked up
and built later. Builds thus now have three possible states: "pending" (awaiting
building), "successful" (built successfully) and "failed" (...built unsuccessfully,
yeah, I know, surprising...)

The idea is to have a background worker that gets the pending builds and builds them
in the background, without locking the interface. Among other things...
@foca foca Double quoting frenzy 068e81d
@foca foca Increase coverage % -- this is stupid, we should get better specs 465e423
Commits on Dec 04, 2008
@foca foca Merge branch 'master' into queued-building e96cd20
@foca foca Fix specs after merge 181955e
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