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Adding note/spec about validates_uniqueness_of and the todo list

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Jeffrey Chupp
Jeffrey Chupp committed Mar 24, 2009
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@@ -57,10 +57,18 @@ One thing to note, destroying is always undo-able, but deleting is not.
# And you may say to yourself, "My god! What have I done?"
+h3. Note:
+ validates_uniqueness_of does not ignore items marked with a deleted_at flag. This is a behavior difference between is_paranoid and acts_as_paranoid. I'm going to treat this as a bug until I get a chance to make it an optional feature. Be aware of it.
h3. and you may ask yourself, where does that highway go to?
If you find any bugs, have any ideas of features you think are missing, or find things you're like to see work differently, feel free to send me a message or a pull request.
+Currently on the todo list:
+* deal with validates_uniqueness_of issue
+* add options for merging additional default_scope options (i.e. order, etc.)
h3. Thanks
Thanks to Rick Olson for acts_as_paranoid which is obviously an inspiration in concept and execution, Ryan Bates for mentioning the idea of using default_scope for this on Ryan Daigle's "post introducing default_scope":defscope, and the Talking Heads for being the Talking Heads.
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
class Android < ActiveRecord::Base
+ validates_uniqueness_of :name
@@ -73,4 +74,13 @@ class Android < ActiveRecord::Base
}.should change(Android, :count).from(1).to(2)
+ # Note: this isn't necessarily ideal, this just serves to demostrate
+ # how it currently works
+ it "should not ignore deleted items in validation checks" do
+ @r2d2.destroy
+ lambda{
+ Android.create!(:name => 'R2D2')
+ }.should raise_error(ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid)
+ end

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