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title: Mislav Marohnić
description: >
The Internet home of Mislav:
writer, developer, photographer.
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<img src="/images/mislav.jpg" alt="Mislav Marohnić" class="fn photo" lang=hr>
A <span class=title>software craftsman</span> from
<span class=adr><span class=country-name>Croatia</span>, Europe</span>.<br>
<a class=email href=""></a>
The best way to get to know me:
<li>I <a href="/blog/">write</a></li>
<li>I <a href="/instapaper/" title="Mislav's Instapaper liked items">read</a></li>
<li>I tweet:
@<a rel=me href="">mislav</a>,
+<a rel=me href="">Mislav</a>
<li>I do photography:
<a rel=me href="" title="Mislav's photos on Flickr">Flickr</a>,
<a rel=me href="" title="Mislav's Instagram photo stream">Instagram</a>
<h2>Latest blog post:</h2>
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<nav><a class="home" href="/blog/">→ All blog posts</a></nav>
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