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Adrian Madrid,
* bin/mongo_console
* examples/benchmarks.rb
* examples/irb.rb
* Modifications to examples/simple.rb
* Found plenty of bugs and missing features.
* Ruby 1.9 support.
* Gem support.
* Many other code suggestions and improvements.
Aman Gupta,
* Collection#save
* Noted bug in returning query batch size.
Jon Crosby,
* Some code clean-up
John Nunemaker,
* Collection#create_index takes symbols as well as strings
* Fix for Collection#save
* Add logger convenience methods to connection and database
David James,
* Fix dates to return as UTC
Paul Dlug,
* Generate _id on the client side if not provided
* Collection#insert and Collection#save return _id
Durran Jordan,
* DB#collections
* Support for specifying sort order as array of [key, direction] pairs
* OrderedHash#update aliases to merge!
Cyril Mougel,
* Initial logging support
* Test case
Jack Chen, chendo on github
* Test case + fix for deserializing pre-epoch Time instances
Michael Bernstein, mrb on github
* #sort method for Cursor instances
Paulo Ahahgon, pahagon on github
* removed hard limit
Les Hill, leshill on github
* OrderedHash#each returns self
Sean Cribbs, seancribbs on github
* Modified standard_benchmark to allow profiling
* c ext for faster ObjectID creation
Sunny Hirai
* Suggested hashcode fix for Mongo::ObjectID
* Noted index ordering bug.
* GridFS performance boost
Christos Trochalakis
* Added map/reduce helper
Blythe Dunham
* Added finalize option to map/reduce
Matt Powell (fauxparse)
* Added GridStore#mv
Patrick Collison
* Added safe mode for Collection#remove
Chuck Remes
* Extraction of BSON into separate gems
* Extensions compile on Rubinius
Dmitrii Golub (Houdini) and Jacques Crocker (railsjedi)
* Support open to exclude fields on query
* patch for ensuring bson_ext compatibility with early release of Ruby 1.8.5