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Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby

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On August 19, 2009 Why the Lucky Stiff removed every trace of his work from the Web, including this book: the Poignant Guide to Ruby.

I've salvaged the book from the Internet archive and re-published it. The original work was under the Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Since then I have:

  1. Changed code examples to never generate syntax warnings
  2. Updated code examples to match Ruby 1.9 behavior
  3. Applied grammar/spelling corrections
  4. Updated outdated Ruby installation instructions
  5. Converted the HTML book into Markdown (_why originally authored it in Textile)
  6. Made a build system powered by Jekyll
  7. Enabled syntax highlighted code where previously there wasn't

Build system

Run script/jekyll to build the site with Jekyll.

The individual chapters are in _posts/ directory.


There's a Japanese translation of the book, although I can't tell how up to date it is.

The original soundtrack and PDF edition are also available in the download section on GitHub.

Chapter 8: Heaven's Harp was never recovered. I suspect _why started drawing it, but never finished or published.

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