Measuring Sprockets Sass rendering
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Sprockets is slow to render Sass in Rails that has a reasonable number of @imports. Trying to figure out why.

Here I have taken out my project's assets and set up the "render.rb" script to manually bootstrap Sass, Compass and Sprockets to compare:

  1. Direct Sass rendering (no Sprockets)
  2. Sprockets rendering without its own cache
  3. Monkeypatched Sprockets rendering (experimenting)

The results I'm getting are pretty consistent:

$ bundle exec ruby render.rb 

Rendering a changed stylesheet 20 times:
                        user     system      total        real
direct:             4.330000   0.260000   4.590000 (  4.572378)
sprockets:         11.250000   0.510000  11.760000 ( 11.751674)
sprockets hacked:   7.230000   0.300000   7.530000 (  7.510054)

Direct Sass is reasonably fast. Same stylesheet through Sprockets is twice as slow. Currently experimenting on optimizing it makes it closer to direct rendering, but not quite there yet.