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vim plugin to cycle through available color schemes and fonts on your system

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Stylish is a vim plugin to help you cycle through available themes and fonts on your system.


Stylish requires vim to be compiled with ruby support:

$ vim --version | grep ruby

To install, clone or download the repo and:

  1. rake install – copies the plugin files to your vim directory
  2. rake symlink – symlinks the files, good for contributing
  3. rake uninstall – uninstalls the plugin


The following commands are available:

  1. :Stylish – creates the Leader-prefixed shortcuts for the following commands
  2. :StylishNext (<Leader>c) – next color scheme
  3. :StylishPrev (<Leader>cp) – previous color scheme
  4. :StylishRand (<Leader>r) – random color scheme
  5. :StylishFont (<Leader>f) – next programming font (currently OS X only)

Typical usage is opening vim, executing the :Stylish command and pressing <Leader>r ("Leader" character by default is \) to explore color schemes in random order.

Stylish affects two vim settings: :color and :set guifont. Type these commands to inspect the current settings. Copy the commands with their values to your "~/.vimrc" and "~/.gvimrc" to persist them.

Tip: different fonts look best with different linespace setting.

Example config:

" .vimrc
color molokai

" .gvimrc
color twilight
set guifont=Menlo\ Regular:h14
set linespace=2

If you're using Janus, put custom settings in "~/.vimrc.local" and "~/.gvimrc.local" instead.

Fonts to try out

Install them on your system, cycle through with <Leader>f. On MacVim, resize fonts with ⌘- and ⌘=. Support for systems other than OS X is on the way.

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