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Twitter followers app

This web app (screenshot) processes incoming "{Person} is now following you on Twitter" emails from Twitter. It saves info about the user who follows you and shows a queue of new followers so you can decide which ones to block. It also gives you an Atom feed of your new followers.


See "config.yml". Either use environment variables, or create a "config.local.yml" (ignored from version control) where you can selectively override values for the machine where the app is running.

Incoming email configuration

I forward my Twitter email notifications from my main email account to an address such as On the server for this domain, I configure postfix to save each email in a separate file and Astrotrain to process them and send them to this app via HTTP POST.

The POST should be to the root URL ("/") and should contain the HTML part of the email in the html parameter and email headers in parameters such as headers[x-twitterrecipientscreenname]=mislav. This parameter scheme is the default in Astrotrain, so no extra configuration is necessary.

In "/etc/postfix/":

myorigin = /etc/mailname
mydestination =, localhost.localdomain, localhost

# the trailing slash is important here!
# see man local(8) under "MAILBOX DELIVERY"
mail_spool_directory = /var/mail/

Then, in Astrotrain "config.rb":

Astrotrain::Message.queue_path = "/var/mail/mislav/new"
Astrotrain::Message.archive_path = File.join(Astrotrain.root, 'archive')
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