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don't use "tags" for CtrlP root marker

I thought it was a good idea because ruby gems will have a
ctags-generated file in their root, but there are sometimes other things
in the project named "tags" that screws up CtrlP, like "app/views/tags".
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commit a6337e5544886898ac3ab484f5ca623aaf77c8d0 1 parent 46a8cc4
@mislav authored
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  1. +1 −1  vimrc
2  vimrc
@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ cnoremap %% <C-R>=expand('%:h').'/'<cr>
map <leader>F :CtrlP %%<cr>
map <leader>b :CtrlPBuffer<cr>
-let g:ctrlp_root_markers = ['.git', 'tags']
+let g:ctrlp_root_markers = ['.git', 'Rakefile']
" let g:ctrlp_extensions = ['tag', 'buffertag']
let g:turbux_command_test_unit = 'ruby -Ilib:test'
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