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70 .gitmodules
@@ -1,39 +1,57 @@
[submodule "bundle/fugitive"]
- path = bundle/fugitive
- url =
+ path = bundle/fugitive
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/haml"]
- path = bundle/haml
- url =
+ path = bundle/haml
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/javascript"]
- path = bundle/javascript
- url =
+ path = bundle/javascript
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/markdown"]
- path = bundle/markdown
- url =
+ path = bundle/markdown
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/rails"]
- path = bundle/rails
- url =
+ path = bundle/rails
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/ruby"]
- path = bundle/ruby
- url =
+ path = bundle/ruby
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/scss"]
- path = bundle/scss
- url =
+ path = bundle/scss
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/ack"]
- path = bundle/ack
- url =
+ path = bundle/ack
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/endwise"]
- path = bundle/endwise
- url =
+ path = bundle/endwise
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/command-t"]
- path = bundle/command-t
- url =
+ path = bundle/command-t
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/coffee-script"]
- path = bundle/coffee-script
- url =
+ path = bundle/coffee-script
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/commentary"]
- path = bundle/commentary
- url =
+ path = bundle/commentary
+ url =
[submodule "bundle/molokai"]
- path = bundle/molokai
- url =
+ path = bundle/molokai
+ url =
+[submodule "bundle/gundo"]
+ path = bundle/gundo
+ url =
+[submodule "bundle/NERD_tree"]
+ path = bundle/NERD_tree
+ url =
+[submodule "bundle/tabular"]
+ path = bundle/tabular
+ url =
+[submodule "bundle/vim-surround"]
+ path = bundle/vim-surround
+ url =
+[submodule "bundle/"]
+ path = bundle/
+ url =
+[submodule "bundle/vim-powerline"]
+ path = bundle/vim-powerline
+ url =
@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
-Mislav's vim configuration
+Tpett's vim configuration
+My vimfiles were originally forked from [Mislav]( I have made several changes to fit my style.
Thanks to these guys:
* [Gary Bernhardt](,
@@ -18,7 +20,7 @@ Prerequisites: ruby, git.
1. Move your existing configuration somewhere else:
`mv .vim* .gvim* my_backup`
2. Clone this repo into ".vim":
- `git clone ~/.vim`
+ `git clone ~/.vim`
3. Go into ".vim" and run "rake":
`cd ~/.vim && rake`
@@ -38,12 +40,17 @@ files inside the ".vim" directory.
## Plugins:
* ack
+* bufexplorer
+* coffee-script
* command-t
* commentary
* endwise
* fugitive
+* gundo
+* haml
* markdown
+* NERD_tree
* rails
-* haml
* scss
-* coffee-script
+* surround
+* tabular
1  bundle/NERD_tree
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Subproject commit 49b88757b019143ec6604b35c399de8f9bd2d954
1  bundle/
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Subproject commit 8c75e65b647238febd0257658b150f717a136359
1  bundle/gundo
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Subproject commit 12b6f67aeb892519385529b2b5cdda55cc428d9d
1  bundle/tabular
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Subproject commit b7b4d8791a50013b56c2d68b6c5708c808203b54
1  bundle/vim-powerline
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Subproject commit 99277d9eed97a59cacc1db8c1dece2bcfd96d877
1  bundle/vim-surround
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Subproject commit 4eb2cdfccc016889acfa3b5d63e8f390a87863cf
79 gvimrc
@@ -1,15 +1,90 @@
color vwilight
-set guifont=Menlo\ Regular:h14
+set guifont=Menlo\ For\ Powerline:h14
set linespace=2
set antialias
" Don't beep
set visualbell
-" Start without the toolbar
+" Start without the toolbar and disable scrollbars
set guioptions-=T
+set guioptions-=rL
+if exists("loaded_nerd_tree")
+ augroup AuNERDTreeCmd
+ autocmd AuNERDTreeCmd VimEnter * call s:CdIfDirectory(expand("<amatch>"))
+ autocmd AuNERDTreeCmd FocusGained * call s:UpdateNERDTree()
+ autocmd AuNERDTreeCmd WinEnter * call s:CloseIfOnlyNerdTreeLeft()
+" Close all open buffers on entering a window if the only
+" buffer that's left is the NERDTree buffer
+function s:CloseIfOnlyNerdTreeLeft()
+ if exists("t:NERDTreeBufName")
+ if bufwinnr(t:NERDTreeBufName) != -1
+ if winnr("$") == 1
+ q
+ endif
+ endif
+ endif
+" If the parameter is a directory, cd into it
+function s:CdIfDirectory(directory)
+ let explicitDirectory = isdirectory(a:directory)
+ let directory = explicitDirectory || empty(a:directory)
+ if explicitDirectory
+ exe "cd " . fnameescape(a:directory)
+ endif
+ " Allows reading from stdin
+ " ex: git diff | mvim -R -
+ if strlen(a:directory) == 0
+ return
+ endif
+ if directory
+ NERDTree
+ wincmd p
+ bd
+ endif
+ if explicitDirectory
+ wincmd p
+ endif
+" NERDTree utility function
+function s:UpdateNERDTree(...)
+ let stay = 0
+ if(exists("a:1"))
+ let stay = a:1
+ end
+ if exists("t:NERDTreeBufName")
+ let nr = bufwinnr(t:NERDTreeBufName)
+ if nr != -1
+ exe nr . "wincmd w"
+ exe substitute(mapcheck("R"), "<CR>", "", "")
+ if !stay
+ wincmd p
+ end
+ endif
+ endif
+ if exists(":CommandTFlush") == 2
+ CommandTFlush
+ endif
if has("gui_macvim")
" Fullscreen takes up entire screen
set fuoptions=maxhorz,maxvert
+ macmenu &File.New\ Tab key=<D-T>
+ map <D-t> :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT<cr>
+ map <D-/> <Plug>CommentaryLine
+ vmap <D-/> <Plug>Commentary
164 syntax/haproxy.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,164 @@
+" Vim syntax file
+" Language: HAproxy
+" Maintainer: Bruno Michel <>
+" Last Change: Mar 30, 2007
+" Version: 0.3
+" URL:
+" URL:
+" It is suggested to add the following line to $HOME/.vimrc :
+" au BufRead,BufNewFile haproxy* set ft=haproxy
+" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
+" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
+if version < 600
+ syntax clear
+elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+ finish
+if version >= 600
+ setlocal iskeyword=_,-,a-z,A-Z,48-57
+ set iskeyword=_,-,a-z,A-Z,48-57
+" Escaped chars
+syn match hapEscape +\\\(\\\| \|n\|r\|t\|#\|x\x\x\)+
+" Comments
+syn match hapComment /#.*$/ contains=hapTodo
+syn keyword hapTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX
+syn case ignore
+" Sections
+syn match hapSection /^\s*\(global\|defaults\)/
+syn match hapSection /^\s*\(listen\|frontend\|backend\|ruleset\)/ skipwhite nextgroup=hapSectLabel
+syn match hapSectLabel /\S\+/ skipwhite nextgroup=hapIp1 contained
+syn match hapIp1 /\(\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\)\?:\d\{1,5}/ nextgroup=hapIp2 contained
+syn match hapIp2 /,\(\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\)\?:\d\{1,5}/hs=s+1 nextgroup=hapIp2 contained
+" Parameters
+syn keyword hapParam chroot cliexp clitimeout contimeout
+syn keyword hapParam daemon debug disabled
+syn keyword hapParam enabled
+syn keyword hapParam fullconn
+syn keyword hapParam gid grace
+syn keyword hapParam maxconn monitor-uri
+syn keyword hapParam nbproc noepoll nopoll
+syn keyword hapParam pidfile
+syn keyword hapParam quiet
+syn keyword hapParam redispatch retries
+syn keyword hapParam reqallow reqdel reqdeny reqpass reqtarpit skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
+syn keyword hapParam reqiallow reqidel reqideny reqipass reqitarpit skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
+syn keyword hapParam rspdel rspdeny skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
+syn keyword hapParam rspidel rspideny skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
+syn keyword hapParam reqsetbe reqisetbe skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp2
+syn keyword hapParam reqadd reqiadd rspadd rspiadd
+syn keyword hapParam server source srvexp srvtimeout
+syn keyword hapParam uid ulimit-n
+syn keyword hapParam reqrep reqirep rsprep rspirep skipwhite nextgroup=hapRegexp
+syn keyword hapParam errorloc errorloc302 errorloc303 skipwhite nextgroup=hapStatus
+syn keyword hapParam default_backend skipwhite nextgroup=hapSectLabel
+syn keyword hapParam appsession skipwhite nextgroup=hapAppSess
+syn keyword hapParam bind skipwhite nextgroup=hapIp1
+syn keyword hapParam balance skipwhite nextgroup=hapBalance
+syn keyword hapParam cookie skipwhite nextgroup=hapCookieNam
+syn keyword hapParam capture skipwhite nextgroup=hapCapture
+syn keyword hapParam dispatch skipwhite nextgroup=hapIpPort
+syn keyword hapParam source skipwhite nextgroup=hapIpPort
+syn keyword hapParam mode skipwhite nextgroup=hapMode
+syn keyword hapParam monitor-net skipwhite nextgroup=hapIPv4Mask
+syn keyword hapParam option skipwhite nextgroup=hapOption
+syn keyword hapParam stats skipwhite nextgroup=hapStats
+syn keyword hapParam server skipwhite nextgroup=hapServerN
+syn keyword hapParam source skipwhite nextgroup=hapServerEOL
+syn keyword hapParam log skipwhite nextgroup=hapGLog,hapLogIp
+" Options and additional parameters
+syn keyword hapAppSess contained len timeout
+syn keyword hapBalance contained roundrobin source
+syn keyword hapLen contained len
+syn keyword hapGLog contained global
+syn keyword hapMode contained http tcp health
+syn keyword hapOption contained abortonclose allbackups checkcache clitcpka dontlognull forceclose forwardfor
+syn keyword hapOption contained httpchk httpclose httplog keepalive logasap persist srvtcpka ssl-hello-chk
+syn keyword hapOption contained tcplog tcpka tcpsplice
+syn keyword hapOption contained except skipwhite nextgroup=hapIPv4Mask
+syn keyword hapStats contained uri realm auth scope enable
+syn keyword hapLogFac contained kern user mail daemon auth syslog lpr news nextgroup=hapLogLvl skipwhite
+syn keyword hapLogFac contained uucp cron auth2 ftp ntp audit alert cron2 nextgroup=hapLogLvl skipwhite
+syn keyword hapLogFac contained local0 local1 local2 local3 local4 local5 local6 local7 nextgroup=hapLogLvl skipwhite
+syn keyword hapLogLvl contained emerg alert crit err warning notice info debug
+syn keyword hapCookieKey contained rewrite insert nocache postonly indirect prefix nextgroup=hapCookieKey skipwhite
+syn keyword hapCapture contained cookie nextgroup=hapNameLen skipwhite
+syn keyword hapCapture contained request response nextgroup=hapHeader skipwhite
+syn keyword hapHeader contained header nextgroup=hapNameLen skipwhite
+syn keyword hapSrvKey contained backup cookie check inter rise fall port source minconn maxconn weight usesrc
+syn match hapStatus contained /\d\{3}/
+syn match hapIPv4Mask contained /\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\(\/\d\{1,2}\)\?/
+syn match hapLogIp contained /\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}/ nextgroup=hapLogFac skipwhite
+syn match hapIpPort contained /\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}:\d\{1,5}/
+syn match hapServerAd contained /\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\.\d\{1,3}\(:[+-]\?\d\{1,5}\)\?/ nextgroup=hapSrvEOL skipwhite
+syn match hapNameLen contained /\S\+/ nextgroup=hapLen skipwhite
+syn match hapCookieNam contained /\S\+/ nextgroup=hapCookieKey skipwhite
+syn match hapServerN contained /\S\+/ nextgroup=hapServerAd skipwhite
+syn region hapSrvEOL contained start=/\S/ end=/$/ contains=hapSrvKey
+syn region hapRegexp contained start=/\S/ end=/\(\s\|$\)/ skip=/\\ / nextgroup=hapRegRepl skipwhite
+syn region hapRegRepl contained start=/\S/ end=/$/ contains=hapComment,hapEscape,hapBackRef
+syn region hapRegexp2 contained start=/\S/ end=/\(\s\|$\)/ skip=/\\ / nextgroup=hapSectLabel skipwhite
+syn match hapBackref contained /\\\d/
+" Transparent is a Vim keyword, so we need a regexp to match it
+syn match hapParam +transparent+
+syn match hapOption +transparent+ contained
+" Define the default highlighting.
+" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
+" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
+if version < 508
+ command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
+ command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
+HiLink hapEscape SpecialChar
+HiLink hapBackRef Special
+HiLink hapComment Comment
+HiLink hapTodo Todo
+HiLink hapSection Constant
+HiLink hapSectLabel Identifier
+HiLink hapParam Keyword
+HiLink hapRegexp String
+HiLink hapRegexp2 hapRegexp
+HiLink hapIp1 Number
+HiLink hapIp2 hapIp1
+HiLink hapLogIp hapIp1
+HiLink hapIpPort hapIp1
+HiLink hapIPv4Mask hapIp1
+HiLink hapServerAd hapIp1
+HiLink hapStatus Number
+HiLink hapOption Operator
+HiLink hapAppSess hapOption
+HiLink hapBalance hapOption
+HiLink hapCapture hapOption
+HiLink hapCookieKey hapOption
+HiLink hapHeader hapOption
+HiLink hapGLog hapOption
+HiLink hapLogFac hapOption
+HiLink hapLogLvl hapOption
+HiLink hapMode hapOption
+HiLink hapStats hapOption
+HiLink hapLen hapOption
+HiLink hapSrvKey hapOption
+delcommand HiLink
+let b:current_syntax = "haproxy"
+" vim: ts=8
664 syntax/nginx.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,664 @@
+" Vim syntax file
+" Language: nginx.conf
+if exists("b:current_syntax")
+ finish
+setlocal iskeyword+=.
+setlocal iskeyword+=/
+setlocal iskeyword+=:
+syn match ngxVariable '\$\w\w*'
+syn match ngxVariableBlock '\$\w\w*' contained
+syn match ngxVariableString '\$\w\w*' contained
+syn region ngxBlock start=+^+ end=+{+ contains=ngxComment,ngxDirectiveBlock,ngxVariableBlock,ngxString oneline
+syn region ngxString start=+"+ end=+"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ contains=ngxVariableString oneline
+syn region ngxString start=+'+ end=+'+ skip=+\\\\\|\\'+ contains=ngxVariableString oneline
+syn match ngxComment ' *#.*$'
+syn keyword ngxBoolean on
+syn keyword ngxBoolean off
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock http contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock mail contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock events contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock server contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock types contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock location contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock upstream contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock charset_map contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock limit_except contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock if contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock geo contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveBlock map contained
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant include
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant root
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant server
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant server_name
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant listen
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant internal
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant proxy_pass
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant memcached_pass
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant fastcgi_pass
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveImportant try_files
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveControl break
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveControl return
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveControl rewrite
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveControl set
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveError error_page
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveError post_action
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveDeprecated connections
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveDeprecated imap
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveDeprecated open_file_cache_retest
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveDeprecated optimize_server_names
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveDeprecated satisfy_any
+syn keyword ngxDirective accept_mutex
+syn keyword ngxDirective accept_mutex_delay
+syn keyword ngxDirective access_log
+syn keyword ngxDirective add_after_body
+syn keyword ngxDirective add_before_body
+syn keyword ngxDirective add_header
+syn keyword ngxDirective addition_types
+syn keyword ngxDirective aio
+syn keyword ngxDirective alias
+syn keyword ngxDirective allow
+syn keyword ngxDirective ancient_browser
+syn keyword ngxDirective ancient_browser_value
+syn keyword ngxDirective auth_basic
+syn keyword ngxDirective auth_basic_user_file
+syn keyword ngxDirective auth_http
+syn keyword ngxDirective auth_http_header
+syn keyword ngxDirective auth_http_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective autoindex
+syn keyword ngxDirective autoindex_exact_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective autoindex_localtime
+syn keyword ngxDirective charset
+syn keyword ngxDirective charset_types
+syn keyword ngxDirective client_body_buffer_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective client_body_in_file_only
+syn keyword ngxDirective client_body_in_single_buffer
+syn keyword ngxDirective client_body_temp_path
+syn keyword ngxDirective client_body_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective client_header_buffer_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective client_header_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective client_max_body_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective connection_pool_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective create_full_put_path
+syn keyword ngxDirective daemon
+syn keyword ngxDirective dav_access
+syn keyword ngxDirective dav_methods
+syn keyword ngxDirective debug_connection
+syn keyword ngxDirective debug_points
+syn keyword ngxDirective default_type
+syn keyword ngxDirective degradation
+syn keyword ngxDirective degrade
+syn keyword ngxDirective deny
+syn keyword ngxDirective devpoll_changes
+syn keyword ngxDirective devpoll_events
+syn keyword ngxDirective directio
+syn keyword ngxDirective directio_alignment
+syn keyword ngxDirective empty_gif
+syn keyword ngxDirective env
+syn keyword ngxDirective epoll_events
+syn keyword ngxDirective error_log
+syn keyword ngxDirective eventport_events
+syn keyword ngxDirective expires
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_bind
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_buffer_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_buffers
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_busy_buffers_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_cache
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_cache_key
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_cache_methods
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_cache_min_uses
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_cache_path
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_cache_use_stale
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_cache_valid
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_catch_stderr
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_connect_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_hide_header
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_ignore_client_abort
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_ignore_headers
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_index
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_intercept_errors
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_max_temp_file_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_next_upstream
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_param
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_pass_header
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_pass_request_body
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_pass_request_headers
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_read_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_send_lowat
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_send_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_split_path_info
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_store
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_store_access
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_temp_file_write_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_temp_path
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_upstream_fail_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective fastcgi_upstream_max_fails
+syn keyword ngxDirective flv
+syn keyword ngxDirective geoip_city
+syn keyword ngxDirective geoip_country
+syn keyword ngxDirective google_perftools_profiles
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_buffers
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_comp_level
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_disable
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_hash
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_http_version
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_min_length
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_no_buffer
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_proxied
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_static
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_types
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_vary
+syn keyword ngxDirective gzip_window
+syn keyword ngxDirective if_modified_since
+syn keyword ngxDirective ignore_invalid_headers
+syn keyword ngxDirective image_filter
+syn keyword ngxDirective image_filter_buffer
+syn keyword ngxDirective image_filter_jpeg_quality
+syn keyword ngxDirective image_filter_transparency
+syn keyword ngxDirective imap_auth
+syn keyword ngxDirective imap_capabilities
+syn keyword ngxDirective imap_client_buffer
+syn keyword ngxDirective index
+syn keyword ngxDirective ip_hash
+syn keyword ngxDirective keepalive_requests
+syn keyword ngxDirective keepalive_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective kqueue_changes
+syn keyword ngxDirective kqueue_events
+syn keyword ngxDirective large_client_header_buffers
+syn keyword ngxDirective limit_conn
+syn keyword ngxDirective limit_conn_log_level
+syn keyword ngxDirective limit_rate
+syn keyword ngxDirective limit_rate_after
+syn keyword ngxDirective limit_req
+syn keyword ngxDirective limit_req_log_level
+syn keyword ngxDirective limit_req_zone
+syn keyword ngxDirective limit_zone
+syn keyword ngxDirective lingering_time
+syn keyword ngxDirective lingering_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective lock_file
+syn keyword ngxDirective log_format
+syn keyword ngxDirective log_not_found
+syn keyword ngxDirective log_subrequest
+syn keyword ngxDirective map_hash_bucket_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective map_hash_max_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective master_process
+syn keyword ngxDirective memcached_bind
+syn keyword ngxDirective memcached_buffer_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective memcached_connect_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective memcached_next_upstream
+syn keyword ngxDirective memcached_read_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective memcached_send_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective memcached_upstream_fail_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective memcached_upstream_max_fails
+syn keyword ngxDirective merge_slashes
+syn keyword ngxDirective min_delete_depth
+syn keyword ngxDirective modern_browser
+syn keyword ngxDirective modern_browser_value
+syn keyword ngxDirective msie_padding
+syn keyword ngxDirective msie_refresh
+syn keyword ngxDirective multi_accept
+syn keyword ngxDirective open_file_cache
+syn keyword ngxDirective open_file_cache_errors
+syn keyword ngxDirective open_file_cache_events
+syn keyword ngxDirective open_file_cache_min_uses
+syn keyword ngxDirective open_file_cache_valid
+syn keyword ngxDirective open_log_file_cache
+syn keyword ngxDirective output_buffers
+syn keyword ngxDirective override_charset
+syn keyword ngxDirective perl
+syn keyword ngxDirective perl_modules
+syn keyword ngxDirective perl_require
+syn keyword ngxDirective perl_set
+syn keyword ngxDirective pid
+syn keyword ngxDirective pop3_auth
+syn keyword ngxDirective pop3_capabilities
+syn keyword ngxDirective port_in_redirect
+syn keyword ngxDirective postpone_gzipping
+syn keyword ngxDirective postpone_output
+syn keyword ngxDirective protocol
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_bind
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_buffer
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_buffer_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_buffering
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_buffers
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_busy_buffers_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_cache
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_cache_key
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_cache_methods
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_cache_min_uses
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_cache_path
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_cache_use_stale
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_cache_valid
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_connect_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_headers_hash_bucket_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_headers_hash_max_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_hide_header
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ignore_client_abort
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ignore_headers
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_intercept_errors
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_max_temp_file_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_method
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_next_upstream
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_pass_error_message
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_pass_header
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_pass_request_body
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_pass_request_headers
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_read_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_redirect
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_send_lowat
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_send_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_set_body
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_set_header
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_ssl_session_reuse
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_store
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_store_access
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_temp_file_write_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_temp_path
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_upstream_fail_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective proxy_upstream_max_fails
+syn keyword ngxDirective random_index
+syn keyword ngxDirective read_ahead
+syn keyword ngxDirective real_ip_header
+syn keyword ngxDirective recursive_error_pages
+syn keyword ngxDirective request_pool_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective reset_timedout_connection
+syn keyword ngxDirective resolver
+syn keyword ngxDirective resolver_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective rewrite_log
+syn keyword ngxDirective rtsig_overflow_events
+syn keyword ngxDirective rtsig_overflow_test
+syn keyword ngxDirective rtsig_overflow_threshold
+syn keyword ngxDirective rtsig_signo
+syn keyword ngxDirective satisfy
+syn keyword ngxDirective secure_link_secret
+syn keyword ngxDirective send_lowat
+syn keyword ngxDirective send_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective sendfile
+syn keyword ngxDirective sendfile_max_chunk
+syn keyword ngxDirective server_name_in_redirect
+syn keyword ngxDirective server_names_hash_bucket_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective server_names_hash_max_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective server_tokens
+syn keyword ngxDirective set_real_ip_from
+syn keyword ngxDirective smtp_auth
+syn keyword ngxDirective smtp_capabilities
+syn keyword ngxDirective smtp_client_buffer
+syn keyword ngxDirective smtp_greeting_delay
+syn keyword ngxDirective so_keepalive
+syn keyword ngxDirective source_charset
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssi
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssi_ignore_recycled_buffers
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssi_min_file_chunk
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssi_silent_errors
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssi_types
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssi_value_length
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_certificate
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_certificate_key
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_ciphers
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_client_certificate
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_crl
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_dhparam
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_engine
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_prefer_server_ciphers
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_protocols
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_session_cache
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_session_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_verify_client
+syn keyword ngxDirective ssl_verify_depth
+syn keyword ngxDirective starttls
+syn keyword ngxDirective stub_status
+syn keyword ngxDirective sub_filter
+syn keyword ngxDirective sub_filter_once
+syn keyword ngxDirective sub_filter_types
+syn keyword ngxDirective tcp_nodelay
+syn keyword ngxDirective tcp_nopush
+syn keyword ngxDirective thread_stack_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirective timer_resolution
+syn keyword ngxDirective types_hash_bucket_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective types_hash_max_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective underscores_in_headers
+syn keyword ngxDirective uninitialized_variable_warn
+syn keyword ngxDirective use
+syn keyword ngxDirective user
+syn keyword ngxDirective userid
+syn keyword ngxDirective userid_domain
+syn keyword ngxDirective userid_expires
+syn keyword ngxDirective userid_mark
+syn keyword ngxDirective userid_name
+syn keyword ngxDirective userid_p3p
+syn keyword ngxDirective userid_path
+syn keyword ngxDirective userid_service
+syn keyword ngxDirective valid_referers
+syn keyword ngxDirective variables_hash_bucket_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective variables_hash_max_size
+syn keyword ngxDirective worker_connections
+syn keyword ngxDirective worker_cpu_affinity
+syn keyword ngxDirective worker_priority
+syn keyword ngxDirective worker_processes
+syn keyword ngxDirective worker_rlimit_core
+syn keyword ngxDirective worker_rlimit_nofile
+syn keyword ngxDirective worker_rlimit_sigpending
+syn keyword ngxDirective worker_threads
+syn keyword ngxDirective working_directory
+syn keyword ngxDirective xclient
+syn keyword ngxDirective xml_entities
+syn keyword ngxDirective xslt_stylesheet
+syn keyword ngxDirective xslt_types
+" 3rd party module list:
+" Accept Language Module <>
+" Parses the Accept-Language header and gives the most suitable locale from a list of supported locales.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty set_from_accept_language
+" Access Key Module <>
+" Denies access unless the request URL contains an access key.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty accesskey
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty accesskey_arg
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty accesskey_hashmethod
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty accesskey_signature
+" Auth PAM Module <>
+" HTTP Basic Authentication using PAM.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty auth_pam
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty auth_pam_service_name
+" Cache Purge Module <>
+" Module adding ability to purge content from FastCGI and proxy caches.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty fastcgi_cache_purge
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty proxy_cache_purge
+" Chunkin Module <>
+" HTTP 1.1 chunked-encoding request body support for Nginx.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty chunkin
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty chunkin_keepalive
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty chunkin_max_chunks_per_buf
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty chunkin_resume
+" Circle GIF Module <>
+" Generates simple circle images with the colors and size specified in the URL.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty circle_gif
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty circle_gif_max_radius
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty circle_gif_min_radius
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty circle_gif_step_radius
+" Drizzle Module <>
+" Make nginx talk directly to mysql, drizzle, and sqlite3 by libdrizzle.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_connect_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_dbname
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_keepalive
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_module_header
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_pass
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_query
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_recv_cols_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_recv_rows_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_send_query_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty drizzle_server
+" Echo Module <>
+" Brings 'echo', 'sleep', 'time', 'exec' and more shell-style goodies to Nginx config file.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_after_body
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_before_body
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_blocking_sleep
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_duplicate
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_end
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_exec
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_flush
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_foreach_split
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_location
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_location_async
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_read_request_body
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_request_body
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_reset_timer
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_sleep
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_subrequest
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty echo_subrequest_async
+" Events Module <>
+" Privides options for start/stop events.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty on_start
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty on_stop
+" EY Balancer Module <>
+" Adds a request queue to Nginx that allows the limiting of concurrent requests passed to the upstream.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty max_connections
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty max_connections_max_queue_length
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty max_connections_queue_timeout
+" Fancy Indexes Module <>
+" Like the built-in autoindex module, but fancier.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty fancyindex
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty fancyindex_exact_size
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty fancyindex_footer
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty fancyindex_header
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty fancyindex_localtime
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty fancyindex_readme
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty fancyindex_readme_mode
+" GeoIP Module (DEPRECATED) <>
+" Country code lookups via the MaxMind GeoIP API.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty geoip_country_file
+" Headers More Module <>
+" Set and clear input and output headers...more than "add"!
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty more_clear_headers
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty more_clear_input_headers
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty more_set_headers
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty more_set_input_headers
+" HTTP Push Module <>
+" Turn Nginx into an adept long-polling HTTP Push (Comet) server.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty push_buffer_size
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty push_listener
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty push_message_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty push_queue_messages
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty push_sender
+" HTTP Redis Module <http://people.FreeBSD.ORG/~osa/ngx_http_redis-0.3.1.tar.gz>>
+" Redis <> support.>
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty redis_bind
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty redis_buffer_size
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty redis_connect_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty redis_next_upstream
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty redis_pass
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty redis_read_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty redis_send_timeout
+" HTTP JavaScript Module <>
+" Embedding SpiderMonkey. Nearly full port on Perl module.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty js
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty js_filter
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty js_filter_types
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty js_load
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty js_maxmem
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty js_require
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty js_set
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty js_utf8
+" Log Request Speed <>
+" Log the time it took to process each request.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty log_request_speed_filter
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty log_request_speed_filter_timeout
+" Memc Module <>
+" An extended version of the standard memcached module that supports set, add, delete, and many more memcached commands.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_buffer_size
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_cmds_allowed
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_connect_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_flags_to_last_modified
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_next_upstream
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_pass
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_read_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_send_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_upstream_fail_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty memc_upstream_max_fails
+" Mogilefs Module <>
+" Implements a MogileFS client, provides a replace to the Perlbal reverse proxy of the original MogileFS.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty mogilefs_connect_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty mogilefs_domain
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty mogilefs_methods
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty mogilefs_noverify
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty mogilefs_pass
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty mogilefs_read_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty mogilefs_send_timeout
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty mogilefs_tracker
+" MP4 Streaming Lite Module <>
+" Will seek to a certain time within H.264/MP4 files when provided with a 'start' parameter in the URL.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty mp4
+" Nginx Notice Module <>
+" Serve static file to POST requests.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty notice
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty notice_type
+" Phusion Passenger <>
+" Easy and robust deployment of Ruby on Rails application on Apache and Nginx webservers.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_base_uri
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_default_user
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_enabled
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_log_level
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_max_instances_per_app
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_max_pool_size
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_pool_idle_time
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_root
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_ruby
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_use_global_queue
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty passenger_user_switching
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rack_env
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rails_app_spawner_idle_time
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rails_env
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rails_framework_spawner_idle_time
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rails_spawn_method
+" RDS JSON Module <>
+" Help ngx_drizzle and other DBD modules emit JSON data.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rds_json
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rds_json_content_type
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rds_json_format
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rds_json_ret
+" RRD Graph Module <>
+" This module provides an HTTP interface to RRDtool's graphing facilities.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rrd_graph
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty rrd_graph_root
+" Secure Download <>
+" Create expiring links.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty secure_download
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty secure_download_fail_location
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty secure_download_path_mode
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty secure_download_secret
+" SlowFS Cache Module <>
+" Module adding ability to cache static files.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty slowfs_big_file_size
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty slowfs_cache
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty slowfs_cache_key
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty slowfs_cache_min_uses
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty slowfs_cache_path
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty slowfs_cache_purge
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty slowfs_cache_valid
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty slowfs_temp_path
+" Strip Module <>
+" Whitespace remover.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty strip
+" Substitutions Module <>
+" A filter module which can do both regular expression and fixed string substitutions on response bodies.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty subs_filter
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty subs_filter_types
+" Supervisord Module <>
+" Module providing nginx with API to communicate with supervisord and manage (start/stop) backends on-demand.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty supervisord
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty supervisord_inherit_backend_status
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty supervisord_name
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty supervisord_start
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty supervisord_stop
+" Upload Module <>
+" Parses multipart/form-data allowing arbitrary handling of uploaded files.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_aggregate_form_field
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_buffer_size
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_cleanup
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_limit_rate
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_max_file_size
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_max_output_body_len
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_max_part_header_len
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_pass
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_pass_args
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_pass_form_field
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_set_form_field
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_store
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_store_access
+" Upload Progress Module <>
+" Tracks and reports upload progress.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty report_uploads
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty track_uploads
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_progress
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_progress_content_type
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_progress_header
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_progress_json_output
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upload_progress_template
+" Upstream Fair Balancer <>
+" Sends an incoming request to the least-busy backend server, rather than distributing requests round-robin.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty fair
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty upstream_fair_shm_size
+" Upstream Consistent Hash <>
+" Select backend based on Consistent hash ring.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty consistent_hash
+" Upstream Hash Module <>
+" Provides simple upstream load distribution by hashing a configurable variable.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty hash
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty hash_again
+" XSS Module <>
+" Native support for cross-site scripting (XSS) in an nginx.
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty xss_callback_arg
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty xss_get
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty xss_input_types
+syn keyword ngxDirectiveThirdParty xss_output_type
+" highlight
+hi link ngxComment Comment
+hi link ngxVariable Identifier
+hi link ngxVariableBlock Identifier
+hi link ngxVariableString PreProc
+hi link ngxBlock Normal
+hi link ngxString String
+hi link ngxBoolean Boolean
+hi link ngxDirectiveBlock Statement
+hi link ngxDirectiveImportant Type
+hi link ngxDirectiveControl Keyword
+hi link ngxDirectiveError Constant
+hi link ngxDirectiveDeprecated Error
+hi link ngxDirective Identifier
+hi link ngxDirectiveThirdParty Special
+let b:current_syntax = "nginx"
92 vimrc
@@ -15,11 +15,21 @@ filetype plugin indent on
set background=dark
color molokai
-set nonumber
+set number
set ruler " show the cursor position all the time
-set cursorline
set showcmd " display incomplete commands
+" highlight current line and column of current pane
+set cursorline
+set cursorcolumn
+autocmd WinEnter * setlocal cursorline
+autocmd WinLeave * setlocal nocursorline
+autocmd WinEnter * setlocal cursorcolumn
+autocmd WinLeave * setlocal nocursorcolumn
+" Ignore files with these extensions
+set wildignore+=*.py[co],*.log
" Allow backgrounding buffers without writing them, and remember marks/undo
" for backgrounded buffers
set hidden
@@ -68,8 +78,28 @@ if has("autocmd")
" see :help last-position-jump
au BufReadPost * if &filetype !~ '^git\c' && line("'\"") > 0 && line("'\"") <= line("$")
\| exe "normal! g`\"" | endif
+ " Add a few more file types to ruby syntax
+ au BufRead,BufNewFile {*.thor} set ft=ruby
+ " Setup less files
+ au BufRead,BufNewFile {*.less} set ft=scss
+ " Setup Haproxy configs
+ au BufRead,BufNewFile haproxy* set ft=haproxy
+ au BufRead,BufNewFile *.coffee set ft=coffee
+ " Remove trailing whitespace on save
+ " au BufWritePre * KillWhitespace
+" Use verbose syntax highlight in Python
+let python_highlight_all=1
+" Options for Ruby syntax highlighting
+let ruby_operators = 1
" provide some context when editing
set scrolloff=3
@@ -93,12 +123,13 @@ map <leader>f :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT<cr>
cnoremap %% <C-R>=expand('%:h').'/'<cr>
map <leader>F :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT %%<cr>
-nnoremap <leader><leader> <c-^>
+nnoremap <leader>l <c-^>
" find merge conflict markers
nmap <silent> <leader>cf <ESC>/\v^[<=>]{7}( .*\|$)<CR>
command! KillWhitespace :normal :%s/ *$//g<cr><c-o><cr>
+map <leader>w :KillWhitespace<cr>
" easier navigation between split windows
nnoremap <c-j> <c-w>j
@@ -112,23 +143,60 @@ map <Right> :echo "no!"<cr>
map <Up> :echo "no!"<cr>
map <Down> :echo "no!"<cr>
+" Map shortcut for touch tmp/restart.txt
+map <leader>t :!if [ -e tmp/ ]; then touch tmp/restart.txt && echo "App Restarted"; else echo "No tmp/ folder. NOT Restarted"; fi<CR>
set backupdir=~/.vim/_backup " where to put backup files.
set directory=~/.vim/_temp " where to put swap files.
+" Use an undodir to persist all undo history
+set undodir=~/.vim/_backup
+set undofile
+" Remap F1
+map <F1> <Esc>
+imap <F1> <Esc>
+" Add shortcuts for Fugitive
+nnoremap <Leader>ggs :Gstatus<CR>
+nnoremap <Leader>ggb :Gblame<CR>
+nnoremap <Leader>ggd :Gdiff<CR>
+nnoremap <Leader>ggr :Gread<CR>
+nnoremap <Leader>ggl :Glog<CR>
+autocmd BufReadPost fugitive://* set bufhidden=delete
+" Gundo
+nnoremap <F5> :GundoToggle<CR>
+" Powerline
+let g:Powerline_symbols = 'fancy'
if has("statusline") && !&cp
set laststatus=2 " always show the status bar
- " Start the status line
- set statusline=%f\ %m\ %r
+" " Start the status line
+" set statusline=%f\ %m\ %r
- " Add fugitive
- set statusline+=%{fugitive#statusline()}
+" " Add fugitive
+" set statusline+=%{fugitive#statusline()}
- " Finish the statusline
- set statusline+=Line:%l/%L[%p%%]
- set statusline+=Col:%v
- set statusline+=Buf:#%n
- set statusline+=[%b][0x%B]
+" " Finish the statusline
+" set statusline+=\ Line:%l/%L[%p%%]
+" set statusline+=\ Col:%v
+" set statusline+=\ Buf:#%n
+" set statusline+=\ [%b][0x%B]
let g:CommandTMaxHeight=10
+" NERDTree
+map <Leader>n :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
+map <Leader>r :NERDTreeFind<CR>
+let NERDTreeSortOrder=['*', '\.swp$', '\.bak$', '\~$']
+" Bufexplorer options
+let g:bufExplorerDefaultHelp=0
+let g:bufExplorerShowRelativePath=1
+" Quick edit this file
+map ,v :sp ~/.vimrc<CR><C-W>_
+map <silent> ,V :source ~/.vimrc<CR>:filetype detect<CR>:exe ":echo 'vimrc reloaded'"<CR>

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