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require 'will_paginate/deprecation'
module WillPaginate
# = Will Paginate view helpers
# The main view helper is +will_paginate+. It renders the pagination links
# for the given collection. The helper itself is lightweight and serves only
# as a wrapper around LinkRenderer instantiation; the renderer then does
# all the hard work of generating the HTML.
# Read more in WillPaginate::ViewHelpers::Base
module ViewHelpers
# ==== Global options for helpers
# Options for pagination helpers are optional and get their default values
# from the WillPaginate::ViewHelpers.pagination_options hash. You can write
# to this hash to override default options on the global level:
# WillPaginate::ViewHelpers.pagination_options[:previous_label] = 'Previous page'
# By putting this into your environment.rb you can easily translate link
# texts to previous and next pages, as well as override some other defaults
# to your liking.
def self.pagination_options() @pagination_options; end
# Overrides the default +pagination_options+
def self.pagination_options=(value) @pagination_options = value; end
self.pagination_options = {
:class => 'pagination',
:previous_label => '← Previous',
:next_label => 'Next →',
:inner_window => 4, # links around the current page
:outer_window => 1, # links around beginning and end
:separator => ' ', # single space is friendly to spiders and non-graphic browsers
:param_name => :page,
:params => nil,
:renderer => 'WillPaginate::ViewHelpers::LinkRenderer',
:page_links => true,
:container => true
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