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Commits on Jun 17, 2014
  1. prevent tampering with host, port, protocol

    Prevents :host, :port, :protocol settings get inherited from GET query
    Fixes #285
Commits on Sep 16, 2013
  1. always call `html_safe` on will_paginate result

    This ensures that the HTML output of `will_paginate` view helper is not
    only marked safe in Rails, but in Padrino as well.
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
  1. @l-schirrmeister
Commits on Sep 15, 2011
  1. remove :renderer from global pagination_options to discourage using it

    Because lately it's popular to mount different web frameworks in the
    same Ruby process (e.g. Sinatra apps beside Rails), a global link
    renderer option is useless since it would affect all frameworks but it's
    hardly possible that a single renderer will work in all of these
    See resolution for #176
Commits on Aug 10, 2011
Commits on Aug 6, 2011
Commits on Aug 5, 2011
  1. require core_ext for Merb

  2. mix in Active Record/Action View directly on `require`

    Get rid of extra steps, they were a bad idea
Commits on Aug 2, 2011
  1. Sinatra has taken the stage

  2. proper Merb integration

Commits on Jul 28, 2011
  1. have no fear, i18n is here!

    :previous_label, :next_label, page gap text and the `page_entries_info`
    method output can now all be translated by overriding values seen in
    "lib/will_paginate/locale/en.yml" from your own application locale files.
    closes #99, #10, #109
Commits on Jul 26, 2011
  1. Rails 3.1, RSpec 2 compatibility

Commits on Mar 28, 2010
  1. update `paginated_section` to be "<%= %>" style block helper

    Otherwise we'd get this deprecation warning:
    "<% %> style block helpers are deprecated. Please use <%= %>"
Commits on Feb 5, 2010
Commits on Feb 4, 2010
Commits on Nov 7, 2009
Commits on May 20, 2009
  1. @kamal
Commits on May 9, 2009
  1. @flyingmachine
Commits on Jan 12, 2009
Commits on Dec 21, 2008
  1. use string key for 'page' parameter when constructing URLs in Merb [p…

    [#256 state:resolved]
Commits on Dec 3, 2008
  1. use object introspection rather than version checks to see when the #…

    …concat deprecation occured in ActionView
Commits on Nov 24, 2008
Commits on Nov 10, 2008
Commits on Nov 9, 2008
  1. rats, Merb url(:this) doesn't include GET params? reverting. also, do…

    …n't document :base_url just yet
  2. @mattetti

    w00t added real/full Merb support

    mattetti committed with
Commits on Oct 12, 2008
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