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missing method "include_method?" for array #1

lennart opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Seems like the current version is trying to find out whether ActionView::Base does include the "will_paginate" method.
I hope it's just the typo and you meant to use include? instead of include_method?
Line 20 in will_paginate.rb
I am currently running ruby 1.8.7 with rails 2.3.2 and the latest master of this plugin


require core_ext before trying to use include_method? in enable_actionpack

closed by dbc3975


I cannot run script/server in my application due to this error:
enable_actionpack': undefined method include_method?
In addition, the error intermittently causes Phusion Passenger to not load with this error:
undefined method
include_method?' for #Array:0x2506714
Further, when I run, sudo rake install:gems, I get:
rake aborted!
undefined method `include_method?'

Any help is appreciated!


Are you using will_paginate gem 2.3.12?


I got the same error with rails 2.3.4 and AFAIK there's no 2.3.12 gem on github or gemcutter ... only 2.3.11


My bad, I forgot to push 2.3.12.

But that won't help, because the fix for this is in 2.3.11. I can't reproduce your issue in a blank Rails 2.3.4 app, so I guess I'll need more specifics about your environment (ruby version etc)


We finally found the issue,
it looks like we had the 2.3.11 gem AND the 2.3.6 plugin ... removing the plugin fixed everything,

Thanks for your help,


When I installed the plugin to my vendor directory, the problem disappeared.

Thank you.

This issue was closed.
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