page_entries_info with :per_page => 1 #15

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first of all thanks for sharing this great stuff. I am using this, amongst others, to skip through a stock of input forms of the same type. That means I am showing only 1 item per page and the user is able to jump or skip through the whole stock. To improve the visualisation I had to change your code of "page_entries_info" like that:

  if collection.length == 1
    %{Displaying #{entry_name} <b>%d</b> of <b>%d</b> in total} % [
      collection.offset + 1,
    %{Displaying #{entry_name.pluralize} <b>%d&nbsp;-&nbsp;%d</b> of <b>%d</b> in total} % [
      collection.offset + 1,
      collection.offset + collection.length,

Maybe you like to change this as well for others.


Hey! This is a pretty specific use case. I think I'll leave the helper as-is, and let people customize it with localization files. If that's not enough, I encourange anyone to write their own view helper.

@mislav mislav closed this Jan 10, 2013
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