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With this code:

deals.paginate(page: @page, per_page: PER_PAGE, inner_window: 2, outer_window: 1)

I get this Error:

ArgumentError (Unknown key(s): inner_window, outer_window):

Other than that it's a really great gem. Keep up the good work.


The outer_window and inner_window options are for the will_paginate view helper. I haven't tested it, but I guess it works like this. In the controller:

deals = deals.paginate(page: @page, per_page: PER_PAGE)

and in the view

<%= will_paginate deals, :inner_window => 2, :outer_window => 1 %>

@fschwahn is right. Also, you can set defaults like this

WillPaginate::ViewHelpers.pagination_options[:inner_window] = 2
WillPaginate::ViewHelpers.pagination_options[:outer_window] = 1

for example within initializers directory.


@fschwahn is right. You are using these options in the wrong method.

I will write better usage docs soon in the wiki.

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