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Using Rails 2.3.5 and the rails_xss plugin, the pagination links are not marked as HTML safe, so are escaped and do not display correctly. It seems like they should be marked using html_safe! by default if it is available?


mislav commented Dec 1, 2009

I've tried to fix this, but will_paginate gem gets loaded before the rails_xss plugin — therefore I can't mark output as html_safe because I can't know if the application is using xss protection at all.

You can drop this in your app as a solution:

WillPaginate::ViewHelpers.module_eval do
  safe_helper :will_paginate, :paginated_section, :page_entries_info

mislav commented Feb 5, 2010

will_paginate 2.3.12 and 3.0.pre should now be html safe. however, the problem described in my last comment still persists. closing

ghazel commented Mar 1, 2010

I just added that block to config/initializers/will_paginate.rb and it worked great.


Flink commented May 26, 2010

With rails 2.3.8, it doesn't work. The div class="pagination" is safe_html but everything inside (spans, links, etc) is escaped... :(


Flink commented May 26, 2010

Just made a pull request about this issue :)

eagleas commented May 26, 2010

Flink's patch is work fine (rails 2.3.8)


mislav commented May 26, 2010

Thanks. Released 2.3.13

This issue was closed.

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