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Wrong setting of model_count in ViewHelpers #199

dima4p opened this Issue · 3 comments

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The code in question is
model_count = collection.total_pages > 1 ? 5 : collection.size

I can not catch the idea of setting model_count to five for multypage case, but it will not work properly for the last page in non-English languages, in particular, Russian.


Can you elaborate a litle more?


I could if you explain the reason of setting model_count to 5.
For example, you set the page size to 30 and got 21 records. You will end up with the same form of the noun as for one record. But the context you put the obtained 'model' into does not fit the form of the noun.


I think I understand what are you saying. The "5" thing was a hack that I need to get rid of. Thanks for reporting; I will get to this when I'm making the next release.

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