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Shelvak commented Nov 17, 2011

Hi man
First I congratulation to you for the fantastic gem =D I use a lot ^^

My issues is, that I do my "paginate" in Ajax, it do perfectly the first time, but when i do the first "next page" The url change... and then the "paginate" refresh the page..

I get the next url

p_c and p_f are my 2 params (because i have to paginate 2 differents "historials"

well... i want that you can save me ^^

Here i put my "lines"

In index.js
$("#lentescontacto").html("<%=j render 'contacto' %>");

in my generals.js (it's a Global jQuery file )
$('.pagination a').click(function () {
$.get(this.href, null, null, 'script');
return false;

in the view...
<%= will_paginate @CONTACTO, :param_name => :p_c %>
<%= will_paginate @flotante, :param_name => :p_f %>

in controller

@CONTACTO = Historial.where(tipolente: true).paginate(page: params[:p_c], per_page: 5)
@flotante = Historial.where(tipolente: false).paginate(page: params[:p_f], per_page: 20)

I use ruby 3.1 and rails 1.9.2

i think that maybe i can add a "attribute" next param_name to scape the number url...

Good Luck ^^


mislav commented Dec 20, 2011

Sorry for late response.

The "_" parameter is added by jQuery as part of its "cache busting" technique. There should be a way to disable it.

I won't instruct will_paginate to remove this stuff because it wasn't supposed to be present in the first place.

mislav closed this Dec 20, 2011

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