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stuck on page 2: rails 2.3.x #220

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Greg Gard Mislav Marohnić
Greg Gard


this may be a duplicate, but it didn't see any references to my issue here. i did find a discussion on google groups:

the issue is that url_for symbolizes keys that wp expects to have stringified. the resulting behavior is that the "\0" replacement token never gets set in @url_string because there end up being two keys for page "page" and :page. stringified_merge doesn't force the source hash (@template.url_params) to strings.

imho, assuming that url_for won't mess with @url_params is maybe not ideal since it would be so easy to make the code more robust.

i am running rails 2.3.16 and tried several different versions of wp before debugging your code. all 2.3.x versions that i looked at appear to depend on @url_params having string keys.

a simple, but not necessarily the best fix is this:

lib/will_paginate/view_helpers.rb #url_for around line 337:

url = @template.url_for(@url_params.clone)

this sends in a copy and prevents @template.url_for (rails url_for) from symbolizing keys. it may be a plugin or some other gem that is actually responsible for symbolizing keys, but since the patch is so trivial, i thought i might make sense to post it here.

Mislav Marohnić

I would appreciate even a trivial patch, if it has tests that demonstrate this problem which you described. I'm not sure I follow, but with a failing test it will all be clear.

Greg Gard

i can't promise anything. will if i can. maybe someone else will find this useful. thanks for the work on wp. going to go ahead and close this. will reopen if i have time to work on it more, run tests etc.

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