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Href omitted unless trailing slash (or other condition) appears in request url #242

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I'm getting no href attribute at all when my URL path consists of only my controller name (a Rails default for 'index', which is the only place I need will_paginate).

If I include a trailing slash, an action name, or query data, then the links work, but otherwise, it's only <a>[text]</a>.

Looks like this fellow has the same problem:


I'm getting a similar problem in production, the pagination doesn't work unless there is a trailing slash i.e. /blog?page=2 doesn't work, but /blog/?page=2 works :(


Looks like a problem with Rails router, or maybe the way you've configured it in your application? will_paginate doesn't generate links by itself. It only passes some extra params to them.

If this problem persists please describe your Rails version, will_paginate version and paste the relevant portions of your routes file.

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