sinatra view helper adds duplicate params if :params keys are symbols #286

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Using the sinatra view helper, if you call it will a hash of :params where the keys are symbols on subsequent page links, the params get duplicated in the url.

If you call will paginate like this:

will_paginate(@mycollection, :params => { :foo => "bar", :baz => "quux" })

The first set of paginated links work as expected:


Clicking on a page link, the links generated for subsequent paginated pages will have the params duplicated:


It appears that in the url method in the sinatra helper fetches the existing parameters, then calls params.update to merge the optional params. The issue is that params.update treats symbol keys in the optional params as unique and re-adds them.

I've made a patch to stringify the parameter keys before passing to params.update which resolves this bug. I'm a noob ruby coder so there may be a nicer way of doing this.


Closing this in favor of #287.

(BTW, you can convert an issue into a pull-request with hub. This avoids having to open a new pull-request for the same issue.)

@mislav mislav closed this Jan 13, 2013
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