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Breaks on Rails 3.0 if i18n is upgraded to the most recent patch level #347

mjs2600 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Michael Simpson Mislav Marohnić
Michael Simpson

We get an uninitialized constant I18n::RESERVED_KEYS error. This is because RESERVED_KEYS is I18n::Backend::Base::RESERVED_KEYS in i18n 0.5.2. We fixed this by locking our local version of i18n to 0.5.0 instead of allowing it to go to 0.5.2.

Mislav Marohnić

So why do you think this is an issue with will_paginate, which doesn't touch that constant at all?

Michael Simpson

The line that's causing the problem is: page_entries_info(collection).

Here's the traceback:

rake (0.9.6) lib/rake/ext/module.rb:36:in `const_missing'
lib/action_view/helpers/translation_helper.rb:50:in `translate'
will_paginate (3.0.5) lib/will_paginate/view_helpers/action_view.rb:83:in `will_paginate_translate'
will_paginate (3.0.5) lib/will_paginate/view_helpers.rb:155:in `page_entries_info'
will_paginate (3.0.5) lib/will_paginate/view_helpers/action_view.rb:40:in `page_entries_info'
Mislav Marohnić

I'm sorry, but I'm just calling the translate method and I don't believe I'm doing anything wrong. This is likely a regression in i18n, or its incompatibility with your Rails version. Try i18n v0.5.3, or update Rails to the latest bugfix release of your version; maybe something will help. In the worst case, you can just stay locked to i18n 0.5.0.

I'm looking at the i18n v0.5.0...v0.5.2 diff and I can't see any change related to RESERVED_KEYS.

Closing as not a bug with will_paginate

Mislav Marohnić mislav closed this
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