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I18n implemented and russian support added. #109

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MrHant commented Mar 12, 2011


Implementation of I18n.

  • custom locale files in config/locales gem folder
  • custom pluralization for different locales ('ru' pluralization should be different from 'en' one)

This commit shouldn't change current behavior of En locale and I think is pretty clear.

Hopefully it will suite your needs.

Best Regards,
Artyom S.


Incorrect "previous" translation: should be "← Пред."

Упс. Согласен.

np :)


Incorrect "next" translation: should be "След. →"

komba commented May 26, 2011

It doesn't working.

      previous: "← Пред."
      next: 'След. →'


= will_paginate @stats
= I18n.t('will_paginate.pagination_options.previous')

← Previous 1 2 Next →
← Пред.

I18n 0.5.0, rails 3.0.7


MrHant, I really want this feature but when I was reading this part of the code I thought "it will be difficult to support new languages if we embed language specific conditions in the code" like this.
I propose a change, where we provide all context information which can be partially or fully used (via the interpolations variable) depending on the current specific language.
Something like:

interpolations = {
  :entry_name => entry_name,
  :plural_name => plural_name,
  :size => collection.size,
  :begin => collection.offset + 1,
  :end => collection.offset + collection.length,
  :total => collection.total_entries,
  :b => b,
  :eb => eb,
  :sp => sp

translation_key, default = 
  if collection.total_pages < 2
    case collection.size
    when 0; [ 'will_paginate.page_entries.nothing', "No #{plural_name} found" ]
    when 1; [ '', "Displaying #{b}1#{eb} #{entry_name}" ]
    else; [ 'will_paginate.page_entries.other', "Displaying #{b}all #{collection.size}#{eb} #{plural_name}" ]
    [ 'will_paginate.page_entries.range', %{Displaying #{plural_name} #{b}%d#{sp}-#{sp}%d#{eb} of #{b}%d#{eb} in total} % [
      collection.offset + 1, collection.offset + collection.length, collection.total_entries ] ]

I18n.t translation_key, interpolations.merge(:default => default)

What do you think about it?

@mislav mislav added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 28, 2011
@mislav have no fear, i18n is here!
:previous_label, :next_label, page gap text and the `page_entries_info`
method output can now all be translated by overriding values seen in
"lib/will_paginate/locale/en.yml" from your own application locale files.

closes #99, #10, #109
mislav commented Jul 28, 2011

Finally, i18n is in will_paginate for Rails 3. See for values you can override.

I'm going to try to backport this to will_paginate 2.3.x for people running Rails 2.

I didn't pull this pull request because it creates a dependency to I18n while with my change I only rely on I18n if it's present, but also include defaults in the codebase.

@mislav mislav closed this Jul 28, 2011
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