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add_limit! isn't being passed all options #111

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tism commented Mar 16, 2011

When using paginate_by_sql the passed in options hash isn't entirely passed on to the connection adapter, only the offset and limit are. To keep things in line with other find methods that take options hashes I've merged the pagers offset/limit back into the options hash and passed it on.

This isn't really a bug in will_paginate it's more a cleaner way of getting more information down to the sql server connection adapter.

@tism tism Merge the offset and limit back into the passed in options so the con…
…nection adapater can see all of the options

This is mostly done to support the sqlserver adapter that looks for the order hash member to support limit and offset
mislav commented Jan 10, 2013

Thanks, but if it isn't necessary, I don't feel the need to add it. It works the way it is now.

@mislav mislav closed this Jan 10, 2013
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