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Fixed count method to handle result from grouped relations. #209

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budu commented Dec 3, 2011

Because AR return an OrderedHash as count result for grouped relations.

Nice fix budu! Can we have this in a release please mislav? Thank you :)

Thinking about it maybe bradseefeld fix is slightly preferable as the reduce method is (I think...) unnecessary. I guess the best fix would involve stripping any GROUP BY clause before issuing the SQL to count the records.

budu commented Feb 16, 2012

Yeah, that would definitely be cleaner.

I'm all talk and no action though... My excuse is that I'm an after dark refugee from C# and all this Rails and Github business is still a bit scary :)

Maybe change line 63 to:

excluded = [:order, :limit, :offset, :group]

You cannot exclude the group because that changes the query. The count will be completely wrong in almost all cases. Another option would be to change how we count: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ({client_query}) but I believe this has some performance implications.

Ooops, what an idiot, I didn't think that one through much, did I? I like your idea of wrapping it in a SELECT COUNT - still better performance-wise than returning the full result set I'd imagine...?

Thinking about it some more, this is probably the most accurate way to do it (using a subselect). It would be nice if the sub query (the original query) maintained an optional upper limit so that we could stop counting at say 10k results. #page_entries_info would return something like "25- 50 of many results" or something like that if we had reached that upper limit.

That sounds like an excellent plan. How are you fixed for things to do today? ;)


mislav commented Jan 10, 2013

@budu: I shouldn't change the type returned by count since it's a method from Active Record.

If you want to get the count in your code, use total_entries instead of count. That method has a workaround in case of grouped queries.

@mislav mislav closed this Jan 10, 2013

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