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Document the available options for will_paginate in the README. #274

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sodabrew commented Nov 4, 2012

Advanced will_paginate use

The will_paginate view method accepts a number of optional arguments. For example:

<%= will_paginate @events, :previous_label => "Older events", :next_label => "Newer events" %>

Full list of options:

  • :class -- CSS class name for the generated DIV (default: "pagination")
  • :previous_label -- default: "« Previous"
  • :next_label -- default: "Next »"
  • :page_links -- when false, only previous/next links are rendered (default: true)
  • :inner_window -- how many links are shown around the current page (default: 4)
  • :outer_window -- how many links are around the first and the last page (default: 1)
  • :link_separator -- string separator for page HTML elements (default: single space)
  • :param_name -- parameter name for page number in URLs (default: :page)
  • :params -- additional parameters when generating pagination links (eg. :controller => "foo", :action => nil)
  • :renderer -- class name, class or instance of a link renderer (default in Rails: WillPaginate::ActionView::LinkRenderer)
  • :page_links -- when false, only previous/next links are rendered (default: true)
  • :container -- toggles rendering of the DIV container for pagination links, set to false only when you are rendering your own pagination markup (default: true)

All options not recognized by will_paginate will become HTML attributes on the container
element for pagination links (the DIV). For example:

<%= will_paginate @posts, :style => 'color:blue' %>

# Output:
<div class="pagination" style="color:blue"> ... </div>

Another view method is page_entries_info. It renders a message containing number of displayed vs. total entries.

<%= page_entries_info @posts %>

# Output:
Displaying posts 6 - 12 of 26 in total

The default output contains HTML. Add :html => false for plain text.

mislav commented Jan 10, 2013

I've put it on the wiki instead.

@mislav mislav closed this Jan 10, 2013

Thanks, but putting it in the README is better. Then I can check out the code, go away from Internet access, and still be able to read the documentation while I work on some code.

mislav commented Jan 10, 2013

If you've checked out the code, then you can look at the docs in source code comments ;)


Ok fair enough :) By the way, thank you for renewing your efforts on this gem! Lots of great updates today!

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