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To increase consistency of page layouts – even if there's only one page – it is handy to display pagination always. I added an option called :show_always that can be used for that purpose.

<%= will_paginate @collection, :show_always => true %>





UI requires disabled pagination controls even if there's only one page of data.


+1. This definitely needs to be added =)!


Sure, but it won't merge into master anymore. Will have a look at the new architecture soon.

@koraktor koraktor Added helper option :show_always
This option will force rendering the pagination even if there is
only one page to display.

Ok, here we go.
Updated the code to be in line with master.


@mislav This looks like a great fork. Any reason to not have it in master?


I've run another rebase against @mislav's master. It's at huerlisi/will_paginate branch show_always.






Nope. If you want to display fake links that do nothing, feel free to use your own helper as fallback

<%= will_paginate(@posts) || fake_pagination %>
@mislav mislav closed this Jan 10, 2013

Maybe I can accept @mislav 's solution……


Sure. It's not really a difficult problem to circumvent, but a question of coherence.

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