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page_entries_info customizable text #99

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A simple change that allow the page_entires_info helper to receive more optional hash parameters used for customizing the helper output. This is especially useful when making web-pages in other languages.



I think this is super important, because if we can't customize this text, we can't customize the ux appropriately. For example, let us say that instead of saying "No students found" in a student database, I had wanted to say: "Please add a student before viewing this table." This is currently impossible, without doing an if statement or something of the sort, and manually hacking in this message, and/or others like it.

mislav please merge this commit.



Customizing text for helpers like this is crucial when working with designers. And legacy model systems.



@mislav mislav closed this pull request from a commit
@mislav have no fear, i18n is here!
:previous_label, :next_label, page gap text and the `page_entries_info`
method output can now all be translated by overriding values seen in
"lib/will_paginate/locale/en.yml" from your own application locale files.

closes #99, #10, #109
@mislav mislav closed this in f1fba71

Sorry it took so long! Take a look at

These are the values you can translate in your Rails 3 apps. Planning to backport this feature to older will_paginate so people on Rails 2 can use it, too.


mislav. Excellent. Thank you.

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Commits on Jan 20, 2011
  1. @alejopelaez
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Showing with 15 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +15 −4 lib/will_paginate/view_helpers.rb
19 lib/will_paginate/view_helpers.rb
@@ -164,18 +164,29 @@ def paginated_section(*args, &block)
# <%= page_entries_info @posts, :entry_name => 'item' %>
# #-> Displaying items 6 - 10 of 26 in total
+ # Text is by default in english but can be changed by passing in the options
+ # hash the attributes :display_text, :found_text, :total_text, :all_text,
+ # :of_text, :in_text, :no_text, :one_text
def page_entries_info(collection, options = {})
entry_name = options[:entry_name] ||
(collection.empty?? 'entry' :'_', ' '))
+ display_text = options[:display_text] || "Displaying"
+ total_text = options[:total_text] || "total"
+ found_text = options[:found_text] || "found"
+ all_text = options[:all_text] || "all"
+ of_text = options[:of_text] || "of"
+ in_text = options[:in_text] || "in"
+ no_text = options[:no_text] || "No"
+ one_text = options[:one_text] || "1"
if collection.total_pages < 2
case collection.size
- when 0; "No #{entry_name.pluralize} found"
- when 1; "Displaying <b>1</b> #{entry_name}"
- else; "Displaying <b>all #{collection.size}</b> #{entry_name.pluralize}"
+ when 0; "#{no_text} #{entry_name.pluralize} #{found_text}"
+ when 1; "#{display_text} <b>#{one_text}</b> #{entry_name}"
+ else; "#{display_text} <b>#{all_text} #{collection.size}</b> #{entry_name.pluralize}"
- %{Displaying #{entry_name.pluralize} <b>%d&nbsp;-&nbsp;%d</b> of <b>%d</b> in total} % [
+ %{#{display_text} #{entry_name.pluralize} <b>%d&nbsp;-&nbsp;%d</b> #{of_text} <b>%d</b> #{in_text} #{total_text}} % [
collection.offset + 1,
collection.offset + collection.length,
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