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finders Fail suite if AR, DataMapper, Sequel, Mongoid failed to connect Jun 7, 2017
fixtures Try to fix main Gemfile specs on Ruby 2.3 Jan 3, 2016
matchers Extract spec matchers into separate files Jun 18, 2014
view_helpers Merge pull request #474 from bernardosrulzon/fixing-rel Oct 15, 2016
console enable use of Sequel datasets with `page_entries_info` helper Aug 4, 2011
console_fixtures.rb mix in Active Record/Action View directly on `require` Aug 5, 2011
database.yml Fix connecting to local mysql Jun 7, 2017
fake_rubygems.rb replace Rake + ruby CI runner with one in bash Feb 6, 2013
page_number_spec.rb changed the Ruby 2.4 deprecated Fixnum constant to Integer Jun 7, 2017
per_page_spec.rb represent the concept of page number with the PageNumber class Aug 7, 2011
spec_helper.rb Remove duplicate method Jun 18, 2014