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Mislav Marohnić mislav fix link to view renderer class 5ece226
Mislav Marohnić mislav Updated Translating will_paginate output (i18n) (markdown) 62ba326
Mislav Marohnić mislav clarify Rails instructions 1a8b09f
Mislav Marohnić mislav Better Padrino instructions b760415
Mislav Marohnić mislav proper namespace to Rails LinkRenderer 18117ec
Mislav Marohnić mislav ultra-basic LinkRenderer docs 7898032
Mislav Marohnić mislav API docs d03c4c2
Mislav Marohnić mislav hint that Rails 4 works 2fbdd52
Jeremy Odell jeremyodell Destroyed Ajax pagination (markdown) 4b166ee
Jeremy Odell jeremyodell Created Ajax pagination (markdown) 176aa00
Mislav Marohnić mislav Updated Installation (markdown) a2daaf3
Mislav Marohnić mislav add a note about "will_paginate/array" ab4eec1
Nicolás Sanguinetti foca Updated Backwards incompatibility (markdown) 5456d4c
Mislav Marohnić mislav docs for per-model page_entries_info 4955ffa
Mislav Marohnić mislav sweet sweet updates + i18n d0152b7
Mislav Marohnić mislav tweaks, minor corrections 5e95bf7
Mislav Marohnić mislav HUGE overhaul of the wiki 07aa92f
Mislav Marohnić mislav remove cruft 198ecf8
Janusz januszm Updated Home (textile) 75a9fbc
nick nickxuhui Destroyed Ajax pagination (textile) 55857fe
Mislav Marohnić mislav remove old crud 99eba68
Mike Frawley ratbeard Updated Installation (textile) c7afce3
George Anderson george Revert 5645abccaa377efdbbc2c747e6e8f748bea4de85 ... 5637910f0107f56787449871efda8d9cded69340 0dfbfc4
Hokam Singh Chauhan hokam Destroyed Installation (textile) 5637910
Matthew Fawcett mattfawcett Fixed incorrect link syntax Updated Simple search (textile) 5645abc
Andy Wang yorzi Updated Ajax pagination (textile) cdd20ce
whitequark whitequark Destroyed will page can't auto change links (textile) 0fd72be
Julian Burgess aubergene Added page_entries_info example Updated Home (textile) 339ce27
Nathaniel Bibler nbibler Removed link - it's now a domain holding page. Updated Home (textile) 2065b63
Marco elmatou Fix URL in ressources section also Updated Home (textile) dd605fd
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