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@mislav mislav Fix link to sample pagination styles 38caeb2
@mislav mislav Fix sample image 96bc982
@mislav mislav fix link to view renderer class 5ece226
@mislav mislav Updated Translating will_paginate output (i18n) (markdown) 62ba326
@mislav mislav clarify Rails instructions 1a8b09f
@mislav mislav Better Padrino instructions b760415
@mislav mislav proper namespace to Rails LinkRenderer 18117ec
@mislav mislav ultra-basic LinkRenderer docs 7898032
@mislav mislav API docs d03c4c2
@mislav mislav hint that Rails 4 works 2fbdd52
@jeremyodell jeremyodell Destroyed Ajax pagination (markdown) 4b166ee
@jeremyodell jeremyodell Created Ajax pagination (markdown) 176aa00
@mislav mislav Updated Installation (markdown) a2daaf3
@mislav mislav add a note about "will_paginate/array" ab4eec1
@foca foca Updated Backwards incompatibility (markdown) 5456d4c
@mislav mislav docs for per-model page_entries_info 4955ffa
@mislav mislav sweet sweet updates + i18n d0152b7
@mislav mislav tweaks, minor corrections 5e95bf7
@mislav mislav HUGE overhaul of the wiki 07aa92f
@mislav mislav remove cruft 198ecf8
@januszm januszm Updated Home (textile) 75a9fbc
@nickxuhui nickxuhui Destroyed Ajax pagination (textile) 55857fe
@mislav mislav remove old crud 99eba68
@ratbeard ratbeard Updated Installation (textile) c7afce3
@george george Revert 5645abccaa377efdbbc2c747e6e8f748bea4de85 ... 5637910f0107f56787449871efda8d9cded69340 0dfbfc4
@hokam hokam Destroyed Installation (textile) 5637910
@mattfawcett mattfawcett Fixed incorrect link syntax Updated Simple search (textile) 5645abc
@yorzi yorzi Updated Ajax pagination (textile) cdd20ce
@whitequark whitequark Destroyed will page can't auto change links (textile) 0fd72be
@aubergene aubergene Added page_entries_info example Updated Home (textile) 339ce27
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