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Rubocop for Visual Studio Code

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Visual Studio Code でrubocopを実行するエクステンションです。

This extension provides interfaces to rubocop for vscode.

rubocop is code analyzer for ruby.

ruby rubocop in Code Market Place

exec on save


This extension may have a problem when using a rvm or chruby environment. We recommend vscode-ruby. It can also lint ruby code.

When autoCorrect, History of changing file is broken.


  • lint by execute command "Ruby: lint by rubocop" (cmd+shift+p and type command)
  • auto invoke when saving file
  • auto correct command "Ruby: autocorrect by rubocop"

Exclude file

An extension forces rubocop's force-exclusion option.

If you want not to execute rubocop on some file, You could add AllCops/Exclude on rubocop.yml. This can saving without executing rubocop.


Installation of ruby and rubocop is required.

gem install rubocop
  • Type F1 (or Command + Shift + P)
  • execute "Extensions: install extension"
  • type rubocop and execute ext install ruby-rubocop




Specify configuration (via navigating to File > Preferences > Workspace Settings and editing file settings.json):

  // If not specified searches for 'rubocop' executable available on PATH (default and recommended)
  "ruby.rubocop.executePath": "",

  // You can use specific path
  // "ruby.rubocop.executePath": "/Users/you/.rbenv/shims/"
  // "ruby.rubocop.executePath": "/Users/you/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.2/bin/"
  // "ruby.rubocop.executePath": "D:/bin/Ruby22-x64/bin/"

  // If not specified, it assumes a null value by default.
  "ruby.rubocop.configFilePath": "/path/to/config/.rubocop.yml",

  // default true
  "ruby.rubocop.onSave": true


You can change keybinding (via editing keybindings.json)

{ "key": "ctrl+alt+l",          "command": "ruby.rubocopAutocorrect",
                                "when": "editorLangId == 'ruby'" }


  • more configurable command line option (like -R)
  • integration with rbenv
  • testing & CI support

Contribute with this extension

Please install packages with yarn.

yarn install

You could install TSLint extension for .ts files.

Formatting code using vvakame/typescript-formatter

tsfmt -r src/*


このソフトウェアはMITライセンスの元で公開されています。LICENSE.txt をご覧下さい。

This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.txt.